Minimal Viable Product - Launch a website!

Hello! I’ve been a tech enthusiast all my life. However, brand new dev here looking to dip my toes into the tech ecosystem. I would like to develop a website to sell t-shirts. Since I am brand new and late to #devember2022 it seems prudent to double down on the Minimum Viable Product theory. Any and all suggestions on a roadmap to that end would be greatly appreciated! My initial thoughts:

Investigate legality of process.

  • Service to outsource production, distribution, and customer service

Build Website

  • Content Management System like Wordpress.

First t-shirt design inspired by “Road to Lvl1Tech”

The pièce de résistance: I thought it would be cool to raffle off an NFT to buyers of a design.

Don’t. Please pick anything else. You call this a minimum-viable-product, and WordPress is total overkill - You need a full-time staff for hosting WordPress :smiley:
Especially when you want to host a site that accepts payments.

You probably want to out-source the Webshop entirely. Or start looking into the PayPal API integration, and then decide you want to out-source the Webshop entirely :stuck_out_tongue:

(To host a webshop yourself you’d also need a server to host the backend, and because it needs to touch customer payment data, you probably don’t want to host that yourself if you’re not an actual professional with experience in that stuff)

Other than that, might I recommend a static site generator then? You can easily host such a statically generated site anywhere, often for free. And if you’re using some external payment/shop service, that might be all you need. You can easily and safely program that yourself and be sure that you’re not unintentionally endangering your customers.

And please don’t start selling NFT’s - It will make your project look 10x as untrustworthy - and rightfully so.
Keep in mind that even a raffle might be considered gambling, and there are strict rules for such things.

Looking forward to more updates

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Thanks for the advice! I was having difficulty even calculating a price from a Content Deliver Service/Platform. I will look into a static site generator.

Great point. I didn’t consider that. I am eager to try and do something with blockchain technology.

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Might I suggest then not making a for-profit “shitcoin” project(a financial product)?
(No offense, I don’t want to imply that you wanted to do such a thing)
There is a lot of interesting technology at play in the blockchain world, maybe build a chain analysis tool? Or even build a simple blockchain and miner? That’s way more interesting than just writing a smart contract and trying to sell people things of dubious value. Of course that’s not as profitable as a financial product, but then this is a technology forum…

Excellent suggestion. I’ve heard theories that the initial purpose of writing was for record keeping. It’s fascinating how the technology arc of record keeping seems to have come full circle with blockchain. I also find analytic tools intriguing in general and useful for gathering insights while building skills. That may have to be project #2 after this website.
I spent yesterday researching. Also, “sharpened the axe”, or giving my PC a fresh install, and downloaded an IDE. Now it is time to produce a design document of the business plan and then the website.

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@max1220 I am currently looking at web hosting. Any thoughts? As of right now I am evaluating economy packages Windows vs. Linux. I have no Linux experience so I am leaning towards Windows slightly but I am pretty uncertain.