Minimal spec for GPU Passthrough?

It would be nice if I could get away with a GT series card or anything super low spec just to save some money.

This is for a dual GPU setup (one GPU for the performance, and the other for exclusively pass-through)

Well if you want the performance on your guest OS, you gotta passthrough the big card. If you are ok with an e.g. GT 1030 for your host OS, that’s fine. If you got an igpu that can handle resolutions and non-performance OS stuff, the better.

You can pass through any pci device (with some exceptions due to vendor drivers and other compatibility) to your guest VM. The spec of the gpu will only have an effect on the performance. The performance capabilities have no bearing on the ability of it to be passed through.

Are you suggesting that the iGPU on my 10700K could act as a passthrough?

There are ways to do it, but it’s much easier to pass through a discrete gpu.

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