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Mini Phones


What do you guys think about mini phones?



what are they useful for?



I saw one guy use one at a Cubs baseball game. He was using it for texting.

I would image people have them to use as burner phones. That way if it gets stolen it’s not as if they got a lot of their info or their expensive phone.

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they make good 911 phones

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If a totp could be run on it, it would be nice equipment for 2FA.




27 bucks!
Once I had to pick up another driver involved in a serious accident. They confiscated his phone. Handing this over would be better then handing over a thousand dollar smart phone.

Also I have dropped my phone in a 32oz cup off coffee, this would have been a nice backup.

Divorce lawyer, “Take this and hide this in your spouse’s car, turn it on and call my answering machine. Then forget to turn it off.”



If it also took a microSD card so it could play back audio/music/podcasts then it would be about perfect for me.



Could be useful to have one handy just in case. Out of sight out of mind may be a problem though.

Don’t we have a #tablets-mobile:phones category?



I think THIS kind of mini phone makes sense in 2019 more than those little chinese clones. Not in every situation and the price is not even remotely close, but they can do way more things that we take for granted a phone should do.

@TimHolus The phone I linked could make a decent TOTP device if you never connect it to the internet.

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I have got one of these brick

Its not small I admit. But its a great talking point and ice breaker. I used to use it for a work phone and you walk onto site with this baby and its all anyone sees or wants to talk about. Same if you walk into the pub with it in your back pocket.

Its been out a few years but it has some great qualities built in.
Phone spec is basically same as a nokia 5110 from the 90s YES with snake
It also has Bluetooth but that’s only to use it as a bt headset for another phone sadly.
It has an sd card slot which is handy as its like got a bt speaker built in which again is great for work.

Battery life is as per the phone its based on so like a week between charges

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They are quite popular in correctional facility’s. The smaller they the less painful to hide, if you know what I mean.



That looks like it is too “mini”.



Unfortunately, the size of this disqualifies it for what I would like to use. :wink:
Small device only for 2FA to have it with keys.

Something like the size or smaller than an iPod nano 6 gen or some smartwatch.
The point is that a phone of a more normal size is not needed here. The point is to make separations especially for 2FA from the main phone on such a small compact device. :slight_smile:

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Looks like prison bait to me.