Mini pc build help

i want to build/upgrade my computer but i want to use a mini case instead of a regular sized one.

so i just need to know if all the parts are compatible. i wont be upgrading my power supply. anyway here are the parts---

AMD FX 6300 processor $178 with the ram

G skills ripjaws x series 2x4 8gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram $178 with the processor

my current power supply - Raidmax RX-630SS 630w

cooler master RC-120A-KKN1 black mini itx computer case $40

Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 AM3+ AMD 760G micro atx amd motherboard $50

my current gpu - evga 1gb 560 ti

i dont have enough money right now but i want to upgrade to a HIS iceq 7950 or a HIS iceq 7850

the one with the big blue cooler so i would very much like for that to fit also.


for hard drives i want to use a ssd and hdd


so is everything compatible? can it all fit? anything i'm forgetting? any suggestions for different parts?

you can only use a Full hieght PCI M-ATX case, no mini-ITX

would really recommend you get a new PSU before getting a new GPU unless you want to roast some s'mores from the fire in you computer

so the only parts you Currently have are the PSU and GPU right, the rest you're just thinking about right

forgive me if i get confused with "Full height PCI M-ATX" does this mean the case i get will have to be big or normal sized, will i not be able to get any kind of smaller than average case?

gpu upgrade is probably not going to happen for awhile.

and yes the psu gpu are the only parts im carrying over.

no full height just means like you know those really slim cheapo computers "e-Machines" you know how on the back they have a "half hieght" PCI slot were normal cards are too tall to fit, full hieght PCI slots just mean its normal sized, as often with small computer they are half height

M-ATX is just a standard

the smallest for consumers is mini-ITX which is the size of the asus board in Tek syndicates "honey Badger" video while M-ATX is a bit bigger at 9.6x 9.6 inches and then above that is full ATX

now all you really need to know is on the back of the computer, just cound how many slots it has on the back, if it has 1 or 2 the max it can fit is a mini-ITX, if it has 4 the max it can take is a M-ATX board, and if it has 7 then the max it can take is ATX


btw what's you budget?