Mini PC - Budget - £90

I had to buy a new CPU fan for the mini build. The one i already had required a back-plate that was literally welded to the stock board!


OEMs do some really stupid things to PCs. Screw planned obsolescence.

for 150 pounds thats the best your going to get
and you can forget about mac os because not only is it illegal its $30 over budget and almost impossible to run on any thing you can get.

Hi thx for the info, looking at it now


Yeah not being a mac guy, I'd forgot about the legality of hackintoshs

i'll put him android, steam os and Linux and windows 7 64bit on there (I have many paid for win keys and over the years ms let me move them after a quick call to)

Yeah... no. Save yourself some trouble and don't use either.

Absolutely every Ubuntu version was based on old kernel versions (which, by definition, don't include all the latest improvements), the only reason it runs games well is because of the proprietary drivers that Nvidia and AMD supplies (sometimes designed specifically for the old kernel versions that SteamOS or Ubuntu use). You're moving to open source software to get away from being spoon fed by the big companies, not to be just as reliable on them as you were with Windows. Ubuntu has a lot of bloatware (the Amazon package is just so sleazy, not even Windows goes that low), is using its own desktop compositor, Mir, as opposed to absolutely every other linux distribution out there who is using (or planning to use) the Wayland display server, which can translate into a lot of compatibility issues in the future. Ubuntu is becoming the Windows of linux.

SteamOS is based on the stable branch of Debian which is aaaaancient. Think years behind the times. The reason Debian is respected and popular is because it being that ancient, enterprises can rely on it to be as close to bug free as possible. You don't need technology that is years old for playing games, you want bleeding edge software to take advantage of your latest hardware.

Try Sabayon. It has Steam Big Picture integrated by default (without Steam mining your computer for information, like sending your hardware specs after each session) and it's a bleeding edge distro.