Mini ITX with AMD Trinity?

Is it possible to high end game with a Mini ITX setup + AMD Trinity without an added video card?

Or are we still a fair way away from such power in a small space?


no, its still a ways off, what is your budget

No, but you could put a fairly high end graphics card in a Mini ITX case. One of those Bitfenix cases spring to mind.

yep, you'd be suprised what you can do with the mini-ITX form factor, its a tad more expensive though

Ahh ok ty.. Im not on a mission to build one. I was just curious how well you could game with it without a discrete graphics card.

Aparrently the A10-5800K is a quad core 4.2 GHz wth the Radeon HD 7660D GPU built in at 800 MHz.. it just sounds pretty powerful.

I mean surely you could push some decent games around at 720p right?

I'd wait until you have Cold Hard Benchmarks of Real games before I trust anything from AMD anymore what with its "20% faster in everything" that bulldozer had

Found some benchmarks that include the big A10 and yeah we are not there yet... still need descrete graphics.

Here is the link :-,3304-11.html