Mini-itx system with FX-6300

Hey everybody, 

I'm looking to downsize to an itx system and I wanted to try AMD for the first time. I want something that can max most games today (crysis series, skyrim, bf3, witcher, tomb raider upcoming, borderlands 2, etc.). I will be playing on a single 1080p monitor. I want to fit the system in a bitfenix prodigy because I really like the look of that case. Is there any itx motherboard that can support an fx-4300,6300, or 8350? I have a budget of anywhere between 700 and 800.. suggestions on any other parts would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Hi, unfortunately most boards that you want to accomplish fall into the ATX format. Here is an MSI Micro ATX board that might fit the bill. MSI as a rule make a quality motherboard.

Something else you might consider is the Cooler Master case that fits ATX boards.

This way you can expand your horizons as far as motherboards go. Hope this has been at least a little bit of help. Let us know which way you go and if you want any further suggestions.   

I completely forgot about the Haf XB! That actually would be perfect, thanks!

Still check the measurements as it is a little bigger than the mini ATX case but when I saw that case I fell in love with it. It even has a removable motherboard tray. When dealing with small form factor cases you have to watch your cable management. I hear you can get a set of short cables if you go for a modular PSU. I saw it on Linus Tech Tips I believe. What make and type of motherboard are you considering if I may ask?  

It's pretty awesome for that size, and the removable motherboard tray is a plus. I was considering the ASRock 970 Extreme4 AM3+ on newegg for $100... it's ATX form factor

I have that motherboard, and I'll sell it to you for 85 dollars shipped with the original paperwork. It's only a week old, so it's still covered by warranty and everything. I upgraded the bios on it as well. Nothing is wrong with it. I just want a different mobo.

Please, for the love of god, buy it from me xD I need this other motherboard so badly.

And I'd recommend an 8350 or a 6300 for this build. I have an 8350 and I love it, personally. Just make sure you get a good cooler. I'm not experienced with small builds but I'd assume there isn't much cooler space, so you might want to look in to water cooling.

Haha I totally would right now! but i have to sell my current build first to get the money :( 

Well if you sell it soon, I'll be here. I'm selling it for 15 dollars less than list price, and it only has a week of use.