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mini-ITX Ryzen 5 2400G gaming build with upgrade paths - best options?

Just learned about the powercolor Vega56 Nano card:

So this means the Vega 56 might be viable as well, although at very high power (< 375W). Still, a 2060 equivalent card is a welcome addition. Wonder if the Vega 64 will also be available soon… :thinking:

[edit]Aaaand it also seems to be out of stock. Bummer. :([/edit]

Here is a 2070 mini from Zotac, I’d be afraid to wonder how the thermals would be within an ITX case.

My ITX case uses a 90W power brick so I’m stuck with low-power ITX boards and a dGPU is isn’t possible. Plug wise I think it could be possible to use a 150W power brick but the case would more than likely be thermal hell with anything above a GTX 1050 :thinking:

Found an RX 5700 with 268 in length. So close! 2 mm less and it would seal the deal. :frowning:

OMG, hacksaw?.. sandpaper maybe.

Note: I mean cut the case, not the card.

There is only so much room in some ITX/SFF cases, doing a sandpaper, tin snips or dremmel might not be possible–I know with my ITX case certain cards can end up being too close to the HDD/SSD bracket or front USB panel I/O.

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So, my research continues. At this point I am way, way, waaaaay overthinking this one. :stuck_out_tongue: The 3400G looks very tempting at the price point, $30 for ~8% more CPU power is not bad. The problem is the Wraith Spire (71mm) stock cooler which is much higher than the Wraith Stealth (54mm) cooler, not to mention the Wraith Max (81mm) or Wraith Prism (92mm) really complicates stuff. This made me research a few more cases, and I just realised the SG05-Lite exists as well.

That would solve one problem (allow me to use stock cooler), but with the 12mm extra cut in GPU length (254 vs 266), well… -_-;; So I started to compile some of the information I’ve gathered and ended up with a hueg SFF Ryzen Gaming guide, will post it soon-ish. The conclusion for me is pretty much, either I go with a Cryorig C7 Cu for the SG13 or a <250mm Navi graphics card shows up soon, in which case I go with the SG05-Lite and Wraith Spire stock cooler. It looks like money will finally be available come september.

i would recommend the cougar qbx kaze was my last itx case can fit 13" gpus the kaze is called the poor peoples N case m1 personally i just like that it can be had for 40-50$

Noted, although it is a 20L case. I’ll include it in the guide as a half-tower regardless, it’s a good price and nice thermals. :slight_smile:

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it has one BIG down side not ever psu can work with it

plus can use a full size psu i used a sfx for more room.