Mini itx motherboard?

I need a mini itx motherboard.

Parts: intel i3 1155 corsair vengance 1866mhz gtx 650.

Features it will need: 20pin usb 3.0 and a hdmi out because the 650 may go in another system.

Help would be appreciated :)




Around £60 ($110) it's £30 over budget but if you can find it cheaper on amazon then have at it. this isn't as good but yeah, it's on budget

Is the msi z77ia-e35 good?

no idea, look at reviews and articles on it.

this chap is certainly happy. It's £150 though

I've got the MSI Z77ia-e35

I can't recommend it.

My first board had flaky wifi issues. The WLan adapter kept disabling itself overnight and was annoying. Couldn't game very well on it either.

Second board had similar wifi problems, and intermittent usb disconnections.

Third board simply has broken wifi. It doesn't even work. I got a USB wifi adapter and set it so it wouldn't be turned off. It works for my purposes now, but there are just too many problems with it.