Mini Itx help

so i want to make my current pc into a mini itx i have questions about my psu and gpu and weither all my stuff will fit obviosly i need a new motherboard my current gpu is a 7950 gigabyte its 27cm in length my gpu is a im not very sure about the sizing info on that but all i need to know is what case i should get that could fit al this i want it to be small as possible i really like the lian li cases but not sure if they fit what i have and if you guys have any recommendations on motherboards too thanks alot 

btw sorry for my shit spelling is what case i kinda was looking at 

It says in the desciption that it supports GPU's up to 30cm's in length and standard PSU's...

You'll be fine.

 standard Mini-ITX motherboard, standard 5.25" optical drive, standard 3.5" hard drives, standard ATX PS/2 power supply units and long graphics card.

I recommend the 550W XFX, it's a rebranded Seasonic. You don't need 750W in a mITX build, and the CX series from Corsair isn't great.

It states that long GPUs will fit. I would recommend the MSI Twin Frozr 7950. It's a nice sized card, good quality. 

Woops! Can you tell it is late here?

You've bought those components already. Yeah, they will both fit

thanks guys im dumb as shit so i wanted to be safe