Mini-ITX Gaming PC (R9 290)

I want to make a small gaming PC, these are the parts I'm thinking about to use in this build:

The 290 I want to use isn't available in the US, but it's this one:

This 290 is around 305mm, and this case supports up to 310mm cards, so it will fit. I was wondering if it would be better to take a slightly smaller 290, or maybe reference for blowing all hot air out of the back? Maybe the windforce 3, which is like 10mm shorter, or even the MSI one which is 276mm.

So I was wondering, will this case be able to cool the 290 enough (I don't really mind sound) and which R9 290 will be best for this case?

Also, I don't need to overclock the CPU, but the K version is like 5 bucks more so I took the K version. 

I believe that this is a bit more optimal for a small m-itx build:

You should have a reference-coolers in smaller builds, the less hot air in the case the better.

It´s unnecessary to get a case with built in PSU, they are often junk. Silverstone though makes quite decent psu:s , but the included isnt modular. I included another small case with a separate, modular PSU instead.


Allright, but I thought since that case has so much ventilation at the sides, a non-reference would be better. I'm also considering the Cooler master Elite 120 (MUCH cheaper) but I think that has a little bit worse ventilation. I've also looked up some video's, and the Sapphire TRI-X seems to be really cool (like 65c with a pretty decent overclock, and it stays pretty quiet too). 

Also, why do you think that noctua CPU cooler is better? It has a smaller fan and less weight, so it seems to be worse? 

Do you think the Cooler Master Elite 120 will do the job (with a good power supply added, of course, that saves me about 90-100 euros)

The Elite 120 is a really good value case, go for it if you want.

the Tri-X might be good, as long as it doesn´t bring to much hot air into the case (i dont really know about that card).

Noctua coolers are better/ best. Though the stock cooler would work just fine too.


Attack the CPU with a hammer!!!!

might want to go with something like: (looks up spare pc part lists)


i5 4670k- great cpu.

h60 - nice and cheap water cooler that should get you 4.2ghz oc no problem, this case really wont fit any good air coolers.

asrock z87e-itx-amazing motherboard in my opinion, has everything you need for only 110$. really great and the steam machines all use it as well.

corsair vengenace 8gb- great mem kit, has nice latencys and all that. You really shouldn't cheap out ram for something like crucial ballistix sports which i regret even though i got it for 10 bucks less but with a slight performance decrease in my build. 8gb is good for a while, but if you really want 16, go for it. games will start to use it!

samsung evo 120gb ssd- great ssd and value. you don't need an ssd if you can wait a few extra seconds everytime your pc boots, and programs do open a bit faster, but in my opinion it isn't as amazing as advertised and you could spend this money on a better gpu or something.

WD black 1tb- amazing hdd and is plenty fast even on its own. got many things you would like like 7200rpm, 64mb cache, etc.

r9 280x(actually an r9 290 in disguise)- great card in my opinion, but with prices soaring, it's now 400. of course i know you wanted a r9 290, so you could think that the price is what an r9 290 will be when the price drops.

node 304- THE best mitx case ever. Period. one of the smallest that can fit the best hardware. there isnt a single case out there that can match its quietness, cooling, and stuffing hardware in it in such a small form factor. Every other case has major flaws, and ive done 17+ hours of research to confirm it.

case fans- the airflow on the stock case isn't quite great though, you would want to get these fans for even more quietness (about 20dbs with the whole thing, which was what i was aiming for) but if you dont care about noise (stock fans about 30dbs) then your fine.

tx650-still going with the "silent" road, so this psu will be plenty power, and silent most of the time. Remember, this case will get cramped when building, so modular psus WILL NOT fit with the psu right next to your gpu (unless your gpu is 170mm or less).

So, how is it? :D

Why do you say the 304 is the most superior M-ITX case? Do you feel it is that much greater that the Bitfenix Prodigy?


I have a mini-ITX gaming rig so I think I have some experience to comment on a few things here...

This is my rig;

You don't need a GPU with a reference cooler, provided the case airflow is adequate. The node 304 has REALLY good airflow. I can OC my GPU all day with the windforce cooler and everything is fine, even with the stock CPU cooler.

I think people worry a little too much about temps in these mini-ITX cases, but something to keep in mind; any mini-ITX case that was designed to fit a full-sized GPU was also designed to keep internal temps in check (because why else would you install a full-sized GPU if you have no intention of putting the system to work, either running games or other programs that demand that kind of GPU capability?).

If you're not going to overclock, get the NON-K CPU. When you buy the K version you're actually paying more and getting less as they lack a few features which are present on the no-K variants. Even if you don't use those features, you're still paying extra for no reason and no benefit. Aside from overclocking, I really don't get why people push the 4670K's so much. At stock clocks they're only marginally faster than the 4570 in gaming (<4%) and yet cost $30-50 more (depending on where you live). 

Just a few things to think about...

Do not go with a stock Amd cooler ever if possible. They are so loud and they do almost nothing to cool the card without turning the fans up to the point where they sound like a jet engine.

Node 304 owner/user here. It is an awesome case with excellent airflow and smart design that uses the space in a very logical manner. It lacks an optical drive bay, but IMO is not necessary anyways.

It's also A LOT smaller than the prodigy. Because of the prodigy's size, IMO, it defeats the purpose of a mini-ITX system which is to be small and compact.  

Stock Intel coolers work just fine, provided you're not OCing with them or choking off any fresh air flow/supply. 

I can't speak for stock AMD coolers as I've never had any experience with them before. But from what I've heard, they're not overly effective and can be noisy.

I know with my own rig with the stock Intel cooler in the Node 304 sitting beside my desk on the tile floor, I can't hear anything. The only time I can hear my system is when the 3 fans on the windforce 7950 ramp up while playing games. And even then, it's not obnoxious or annoying. Sounds more like a gentle woosh. 


I have a Node 304.  The prodigy is just too damn big.

the R9-290 Tri X dispace the heat out of the front of the card, or out of the back of the pc, its how you named it, i dont realy see a problem up here, the Sapphire Tri X is a beast.