Mini ITX Gaming Case

I will beginning the first stages of a Mini-ITX case, and am collaborating with a Manufacturing facility to inquire a Case designed entirely By Myself, i will be making two Models a Aluminum and Stainless steel edition of this case.


In the long run i will shipping these Cases With the color Of the customers Choice. 

When i receive the Prototype Model, i will post specific details and pictures to get the input of the People.


What i am look into is a price point for such a case.

i would like to have three points of cost that you guys would consider for a case of such small but functional caliber.


Please keep in mind that this case will be made entirely out of metal, and no shortcuts in cost have been made (yet) depending on what the people decide a case is worth. and the tailoring of Case color including partial custom designs in included in the cost, NOT additional.


What would you pay for a semi-custom Mini-ITX case?

The Fractal Design Node 304 has been absolutely fantastic for my needs and wasn't too expensive (about 120AUD, on sale on newegg atm for 60USD). No overheating issues, nice and small, would be completely silent if not for the 3 HDDs inside, pretty damn quiet as it stands now though with a 3770k, stock cooler and 650ti boost.

the case will feature 4 HDD/SSD slots, ATX PSU, 5 fan slots, 2 of which can be used for LC, proper ventilation to GPU and motherboard. but this will be fairly smaller than the node.

I personally went with the Elite 130 from Coolermaster. Everything you need to build a powerful gaming rig.

I know I'm a little late to this party, but if you could make something similar to the Silverstone Raven rvz01, I'd be willing to pay upwards of $100-150 for it depending on all the design features. I've been thinking about building my own replacement case for my wonderful Rvz01 system to improve some of the design choices that I don't like.

I would pay between 200-250 depending on the quality.

(Source: NCase M1 on my desk currently.)