Mini-itx case choices?

I recently upgraded a bunch of my internal components, and now I hav a need for a mini-itx case. I've never really been interested in mini-itx before, but this board seemed like a good deal. That means that I don't reall y know that much when it comes to mini-itx cases. I really like the Node 304, but I want the case to have a 5.25" drive bay. That is one of the few requirements that I have from this case. Below are the parts that I have, so you guys will know exactly what is going into the case.

Do note, I want a 5.25" drive bay, at least four 3.5" mounts, space for a normal ATX psu, I will be using a stock cooler (locked cpu), and I need room for a regular (or normally small) sized video card. The budget is largely flexable, but I don't really want to spend more than $100. ~$50 would be preferable (that is the price of the Node 304). Also, I am in the US, and would like to use Amazon or NEwegg for the order.


For that budget i can only recommend the node 304 and the Cooler Master Elite 120.

Cooler Master Elite 120:

... and if you want maybe a prodigy... but that case is getting kinda "Bleh" for me. I see it everywhere... If you could spend more id recommend a few Lian Li cases. They make some really good mITX cases.

Lian Li PC-Q08B:

Lian Li PC-Q28B:



Mini itx and m-atx case in one. It has 4 3.5" bays.

The only con is its over your preferable $50 budget.

IF I were going to get a case which was both for mini-itx and micro-atx, I would get the arc mini.

I decided to just go with the Arc Mini. It was on sale, had room for all of the parts that I needed, and was still small enough to fit beneath my desk (the one provided for me by the college). It also gives me the room for a micro-atx board should I decide to get one (I've been eyeing the gryphon).


I really like my Node 304 but any fractal case will kick ass.