Mini ITX Build

I have been looking at an M-Itx build since im selling most of my cureent PC (All accept for a radeon 7770 and 2tb HDD) unless its better to upgrade the GFx card. I was looking at the silverstone Tek SG05 with their sfx psu or is there a better case out there that is Mini itx (I only have 16"x14" [HeightxDepth] on my desk), bgut my budget is $550. 



Anyone have any suggestions?


Can you reuse the memory and hdd? Then it would just be the cpu and motherboard.

well you might have a hard time getting a m-itx PSU that will be beefy enough to run that card iv not had good luck with m-itx PSUs and usually only find them up to 300 watts

i did find this case w/ a 500 watt PSU from EVGA and it looks amazing.

So here is my suggestion for an ITX buildthat should support your card but as always you will want to check my work












Grand Total:


Also i forgot i have a corsair H60, A HIS 7770, and a 2tb Drive but i like the hadron but having to use a slimtyble drive would bug me alot but thanks!

your closed loop cooler should be able to be used the case has 2 x 120mm Exhaust Fans so theoretically you should be able to get it mounted.  and the 7770 needs 450 Watt so that should work but i don't think you will find  a m-itx board that will support both cards at once. the case should hold 2 full size HDDS.

I Honestly Have been looking at the gigabyte brix with the GTX 760 in it. its portable and can do really well on the benchmarks.Should I get that or a new itx computer with an i3 or i5 (i3 with a 760{or i5 with my current 7770])

There ya go, everything fits and its in a mITX case that will fit on your desk. You can still use the H60, the 7770, and your 2TB HDD. The Corsair 250D is an amazing case that, if you do decide to upgrade GPUs in the future, will allow you to fit a full size graphics card in a mITX form factor.