Mini ITX Build

So I want to build a mini ITX computer because there small and portable. The only issue I'm having is choosing the motherboard. If anyone can tell me which is better or which would be best for the case so that cable management would at least be alittle bit cleaner.


Case - EVGA Hadron Air w/ integrated 500W power supply 

CPU - i7-4770

CPU Fan - Noctua NH-L9i

RAM - 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance 


CASE FAN - I dont know if I'm going to leave the fans the case comes with or switch them out for some Noctua NF-12-1300 120mm fans.

MOBO - This is where I'm struggling on which one to get. These the the two I'm stuck between.


There's very little difference between the overclocking capability of Z87 motherboards. So choose whichever motherboard has the best look, and the feature list that suits your needs.

K edition processors have an unlocked multiplier and will allow you to overclock considerably better on a Z87 chipset.

But the choice of processor is dependent on your needs too.

I wont be overclocking at all, so I picked the non K edition.

I'm considering the ASUS Board because it has more fan connectors. But I can simply buy a power splitter cable for the MSI board.

get a look at the xeon 1230v3. it's a 4770 non k without the i gpu in it. it's like the ahtlon from amd. the apu without the gpu. save lot of money and also save power and heat. and sinds your not oc. why a z87. you pay for stuff you're not gonna use.

also take a look at the 250d. it's my favo mini itx case for sure. 89$ and will come in februari. it's small and you can use normal size parts in it. so you don't need the itx 670. you can get a normal 670 or a 770 with better cooling. better cooling will result in longer lifetime and better performance (gpu boost 2.0)

+1 on the xeon 1230 v3.

Only very few ITX cases require a short graphics card. Many are designed specifically for gaming builds and will fit full size + GPU's without any issues. The Hadron Air is one that will accept full sized GPU's, so don't limit yourself to the short GTX 760 mini. For the same cost you could get something better.

Can I use the Xeon 1230 V3 for gaming with a GTX 770 or should I get an EVGA 760 4GB. 

But aren't Xeon processors made for server primarly? I mean if I can use it in build that's better and what mobo would be best for a Xeon processor that's socket 1150?

where the hell does everyone come with the xeons?!? they are made for server and editiong purposes, not for gaming....

I'll be gaming a bit but I'm going to be using Illustrator and Indesign for school, Sketchbook Pro for personal projects and I'm going to start doing some light 3D Modelling. 

Sorry for not stating that in the beginning.

This particular Xeon is not that different to the i7 range in terms of gaming. Someone who is not using integrated graphics or going to make use of overclocking (like, say someone making an ITX gaming system) might have more use of this Xeon because it would deliver i7 performance to them at something closer to an i5 price.

Another advantage to an ITX system is it draws 4 less watts and anything helps when making such a system. I'm interested to see the difference in temperature it causes overall.


Posted on the front page for The Colugo

Benchmarks for the Xeon

The particular Xeon stated here is actually decent for gaming.

Pick the motherboard that has the features you want.  Imo, fan splitters are crap.


I think I'll go with the Xeon and the MSI Z87I, its supports the xeon processor. I'll just have to buy a power splitter for the fans but thats nothing.

770 is better. 2gig isn't alot but the 770 beats it for 1080p. don't know your screen? 1440p is different story. but i like evga. get one with backplate!

not this one. it's like the ahtlon of the apu's. no gpu, less heat and less power required. and it's socket 1150.

Get the new ITX Mobo Msi is coming out with it will match the  760 (if you get it): this might be the one your taking about.