Mini-ITX build

Greetings everyone, new to the forums here, an this is my first post :D. Anyway, so I'm planning on building a mini-itx gaming system. This will be my second PC build. A few of the parts I already have, such as the graphics card from my current PC, the ram, and power supply. Not including those parts, my budget is about $550-$600. Here is the build 

Just wondering what anyone's thoughts on my part selection is? Also what you think is a good hard drive to use that is max 350gbs to 500gbs and won't put me over my budget?


better off with this and saving some money to get a better gpu because the gtx 650 is not very powerful

Thanks for the suggestion, though I'd prefer to stick with an Intel based system, and something with more of an upgrade path. I'm aware that the gtx 650 is not that powerful, however I don't plan on upgrading my graphics just yet. I also plan on doing a little overclocking to the cpu.

With fm2 there isn't a whole lot of very powerful cpus. You could go mATX and get an am3 cpu but that would defeat the purpose. Well actually there is the bitfenix prodigy m. Which is basically just a bitfenix prodigy that has support for mATX. I wouldn't recommend that card. Look at the 650 ti boost 2gb or the 7850. Those cards have been coming down in price a lot. Look out for those cards. Right now they are 140 dollars. On cyber monday they are bound to be cheaper. Stick with intel for mITX though. Much more overclocking and power associated with those. If you really want to stick with a 100 dollar card then get the 7770. It blows the gtx 650 out of the water and it is 20 to 30 dollars cheaper right now.

It really does seem like that CPU, even more so with an overclock, will have a massive bottleneck with the 650, don't go with intel just because its intel. AMD have a much better price to preformence ratio and so they are better for cheaper gaming rigs.

Thanks, I should clarify that I already own the gtx 650 from an earlier build, but I do plan on getting a better card sometime after building my system. So I'll keep that cyber monday in mind.