Mini atx for i5 4670

As the title sugests, I am trying to find a mini ATX mobo for the i5 4670.

how does a chipset make a difference for the system?

If you have any sugestions, could you advice me one that I can buy in the Netherlands?

Well the main difference for most people is the overclocking ability, which is superior and used to be limited to Z series boards (Z97,87,77 etc.), but seeing as you have chosen a 4670 and not a 4670k it won' matter.


The only other things are Multi GPU configuration abilities and USB 3.0 and Wifi/Bluetooth. Otherwise they;re much much all the same. Some might have better warranties and colours etc.


Basically the more expensive the motherboard, the more expandability there is.

Also, what case are you getting and what are you going to be using this system for?

And just to check, you aren't going to be wanting overclocking your CPU are you?