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Miners becoming programmers in Appalachia


@wendell @kreestuh I understand request are not welcome here, and especially with a non-patron, however after reading this article I thought of you guys considering your residence in Louisville. Honestly just your thoughts about this fascinate me however my question is would you be interested in talking to them? Wendell has spoken on the technically competent people typically classified as “Hillbillies” and disregarded by the rest of America. I also this post not just to ask this question to you guys but to the forum as well, @kewldude007 comes to mind to his residence in Michigan. Anyone in the Rustbelt or Appalachia picking up IT where the jobs were destroyed by Globalization or federal policy changes are of interest as well, stories and such.

TL;DR: Thought of L1T founders when reading wired article, wondering if you’d be interested in talking or thoughts about said program near you guys, and general IT stuff in said region as well




Before reading the article, IT is a decent sized industry here in the Detroit area due to the Big 3 automakers and Quicken Loans. Some Silicon Valley companies also have some offices here but those are mostly for self driving car development.



I know that there’s a lot of crazy fiber development in Detroit as well, but what about the farther out places in Michigan without the support of being potentially stabbed living in a large city



I can’t speak for the coal country that the article talks about as the rest of the state is either agriculture, logging, or copper mining in the UP

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considering your residence in Louisville

For some reason, I thought they were closer to Lexington.



Wait I might have fucked this up