Minecraft Server

I heard about a Tek Syndicate Minecraft server..

Gimme the deets.

We used to have one. :(

I heard about a new one that supposedly a member had created.

I'd definitely hop on if we had one. 

Craycraftdan and I had set one up a while ago but I never got around to doing permissions or anything and it got shut down but I can set one up.

The only problem is the host is ddosed every once in a great while as they run seed boxes (as well as game servers or anything you want really) and seed boxes are often a target, so there could be some down time but it is on a very fast network and will be almost 24/7.

I've been working on one for a while, plan to have it up within the month

I can host one if you want. Let me just do some port forwarding... It should be up within a few hours

I will tell you guys the IP when it is ready

Update: it should be

It should be configured correctly. If it doesn't work, I will try to fix it.


It seems I was a little too slow but here it is anyway.


So do we have an actual server up? I tried out brennanriddell's and it didn't work. I guess Teebler's works though. Anyone playing on it?

wtf...why are there ender dragons all over teebler's server?

I'm having the same shit happening to me, we may have our 1st greifer.

I stopped the server too much derp was going on.

Dude, you should have seen my face. I was just wandering around during the night hoping the sun would come up so that things would be safer. I'm running around killing zombies, skeletons, etc. then the sun rises and I'm like, "thank god." Then an Elder Dragon life bar shows up at the top of the screen. I thought it was just a glitch, but then I only realize that day has not become more dangerous than night.

The server is back up, next time just do /killall instead of shutting it down.

If anyone has any plugon requests tell me in minecraft or in this thread.


TIL /killall