Minecraft Server Question: PaperMC + GriefPrevention

Quick question for the Minecraft server admins here. I have a server I run for my extended family that usually has half a dozen kids playing on it every Saturday. I was running vanilla minecraft but some kids are having issues with destroying peoples stuff. Since I don’t want to cut off the little ones from participating I’m trying to enforce anti-griefing through mods. As as result I’m now running a PaperMC server, and imported the GriefPrevention mod which seems like a fairly strong tool but upon testing I realized that it does not allow any building outside of your land claims. I’m looked through their documentation and web searches haven’t been useful but as far as I can tell I can’t use this mod to allow players to build anywhere outside of other players land claims. Is anyone aware if this is possible with this mod, or of another mod where I can do that?

My only real goal is to stop little kids from destroying the big kids stuff in creative mode, this is not a public server.


We haven’t had that issue. It never blocked players from building outside a claim.

I figured it out. If you define the world as Creative in the config YML file it will exhibit this behaviour. Changing the YML file to be a Survival world, even though it’s a creative server changed the behaviour so that all players can build anywhere except inside of land claims they don’t have permission to.