Minecraft server not visible outside local network

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to set up a small minecraft server on a raspberry pi. The installation process worked fine and the server is easily accessible from the local network. But when I try to forward the server's port (25565) to let my friends join, the server is not visible to them.

The connection I use in my apartment is a shared line with the entire building, and my router (an Asus RT-N66U) shows a WAN address different from my public IP address (this one is the address I give to my friends to connect).

I read the router's manual on how to port forward carefully, and I believe the problem is not there. I hope someone of you with more experience on this matter can help me figure out how to make this server work for the clients outside the local network.

Thank you!


Have you added an exception in the firewall for the port ?

I have had trouble getting this site to see open ports before, even when they where open.

good to know

I didn't mean that in a negative way, was just stating that the site has given false information to me and may do the same for this fellow!

yeah yeah yeah I got it
it works for minecraft though(tested)

If your WAN address isn't your public IP address then you're behind another router and presumably a NAT firewall (is your WAN address a private address?, etc) If that's the case you'll need to forward the port on the other firewall too, which you probably don't have access to.

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Yes, I tested exactly through that site as well and it says it cannot see my service.

What you say is my guess!
Yes my WAN address is something like 10.x.x.x and I don't have access to that router.

Yes, I added an exception for that port into the port forwarding section on the router in my flat.

Not much you can do then. Can one of your friends host the server instead?

That's unfortunate. Does that means I cannot run any service on my own whatsoever? Maybe I can send an email to the people who are taking care of the building's network and... ask if they can open a port for minecraft? XD

I'd let my friends do that but I'm the only one who has the opportunity to run a low power computer 24/7 (the raspberry)

It's worth a shot. I'm not sure what options you have but one thing you could do it get a VPS and run the minecraft server on that. Or if it's not powerful enough you can set up a VPN server on it then forward the ports from the VPS back to your server. You'd have to do it all manually and it's a bit of a pain (I've done it from my mail server) but it's one way you can get a public address on your server.

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I'm not very fond of VPS at all. I've never setup something like it.

But a VPN might be a solution (after all, I already use a vpn service on my main pc to get past my region limitations).

Thanks for the advice!

how many people are going to be using your server? If its not a lot you may try Hamachi its from Logmein.com and at least at one point was free. (Im not sure if it still is but I think it is) with the Hamachi client you can create a small mesh LAN that supports NAT traversal. Players will install the client you will add their client to the network then will be able to connect to the server via the IP of the Hamachi virtual port.



I just remembered, there are VPN services which will give you a static IP (rather than a shared IP) they usually cost more but that might work.

I was just about to suggest that too. another option is Tunngle