Minecraft self-hosting

I need to host a minecraft server for my brothers, and I can't pay some company to host it, and I found that I can't get bukkit up and running, so what do I do in the way of a server?

Update: I found BuiildTools now installing

i run a minecraft server with a crappy old pc with a core 2 quad core and 8gb ram. slap ubuntu or ubuntu server and it flies. esp with your low amount of players

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This guy.. Plus 1 that's all you need for a forum this size lol

Anyways @omega_alpha_psi run the build tools.. And always keep the old jars incase you need to roll back

That site is illegal, distributing CraftBukkit and its derivatives - I would recommend against using it. Go ahead and use BuildTools, but really if you're going down the Bukkit path - use Paper don't need to use BuildTools with their toolkit.

But I would recommend running SpongeVanilla (or SpongeForge if you plan on mods). Sponge Site

tl;dr: Paper or Sponge

I apologise i did not realise it was illegal ill remove my comment. I personally do use buildtools i was trying to simplify things.