Minecraft PC build!

So I’m looking to build my first pc and the number 1 game I want to play is MINECRAFT!!!!!  I was thinking about the $550 dollar build on here and wandered if there where any tweaks I should do to get the most out of minecraft??


Any advice would be most welcomed




Raspberry Pi, maybe?

(sarc btw)

It is a little over budget but this will play anything on maxed out/high settings.

just get a shitload of ram and an i5-3570k. screw graphics, this is minecraft!!!!!!

Try this, it's better http://pcpartpicker.com/p/scUl

You don't need neither processor power nor an expensive graphics card, with around 300$ in the US you can get a lot. You don't need that 200$ i5 or similar, people get it because it's doing well in benchmarks and it's good for other tasks too. I reccomend getting an intel dual core (Pentium Dual Core G640 or i3 21xx) or the older AM3 quad cores.

Research and save money.

ahh a minecraft build...buy a calculator...that'll work. no seriously though, a 550ti will run it easypeasy, maybe even lower might be fine. 4gigs ddr3, i3 processor should be just fine. 450watt psu. and a micro atx board...gigabyte has some 80 dollar B75 boards. 



Easily said. its a BEAST

I am able to play Minecraft on a 10 yer old AMD Athlon XP processor! So any modern configuration should do...

make sure you get a quad core i there is a big difference about 40 fps i know i have a quad core and a dual even thought the dual core has a 550ti wile the quad core has a 9800gt or some cheap vid card like that

Thanks every one for the input.  As soon as the christmas rush is over at work I'm diving in to this build.

Get a freaking i7 and 32gb of ram and go with onboard graphics on you motherboard and you'll get a shitload of fps on max settings :P

ya, if your playing mindcraft you should just look at going with an A10 or A8(fm2) build http://pcpartpicker.com/p/skzi or if you have 500-600 go with a fx 6300 and a 7850 build (better upgrade options) http://pcpartpicker.com/p/skE9 you could go with the msi 970 board but no usb 3.0 front header. but you save like $40 tho if you going to upgrade when steamroller comes out you should go with an 990x board or get a 990fx board