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Minecraft Noob - RPi Server


Hi, a friend of mine just acquired Minecraft for Nintendo Switch. I have the java edition for Windows and I was wondering if I could set up a server on my Pi2 for just us two and play together since I’d like to have a stable world that’s always on and accessible indipendently of one another. I also like to tinker with this idea so even if it’s not the best way to do it, if there aren’t major roadblocks, I’d like to do it this way.
I’ve never set up a Minecraft server and I don’t know if what I have in mind is possible. Do you have any pointers about it?



[Edit: Fawkes answers below, with actual experience!]
Origional comment:
If you already have a Pi, give it a go. I would have thought it might be a little underpowered though? You could let us know :slight_smile:



Works great for vanilla minecraft, I did it on a rpi 2 long time ago.
Very easy to set up good for 6 clients easily



@Trooper_Ish Sure, I’d let you know!

@Fawkes My Pi also runs stable at 1.1GHz so it should be even better. I looked a bit on the internet and looks like there are two version of the server. I don’t know which one to use. Do you have instructions on what to install?
P.S. I also need to open it up for my friend that’s using a Switch and I don’t know if it would work or not.

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Wait, can the Java edition even cross-play with console versions? Isn’t the Java edition and the “bedrock” edition completely separated? I think you’d need to get the non-Java version for this.



I don’t know man, I’m trying to look on the internet but it’s conflicting informations everywhere. I thought, in my ignorance, that setting up a server could make “cross play” possible but I can’t find any evidence to support or against this idea.



Sorry, but I don’t think it’s possible. You need the “bedrock” or Windows 10 edition of minecraft in order to play with them. The original Java version won’t work.

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Soo the server won’t work either, right? As far as I’ve been able to see they’re made for the Java edition of Minecraft (Spigot and Cuberite).



Those servers will allow multiple people on the java edition to play together, but the version for the Switch is the “bedrock” edition, so they wouldn’t be able to join it. (Im using quotes around “bedrock” because the name was recently changed to just “minecraft” and it’s confusing)



I thought that “bedrock” was just the server application provided directly to Microsoft. I never looked around when it comes to Minecraft edition since I’ve known it from the alpha and played since beta.

So if I use the “bedrock” server and the Windows 10 version of Minecraft I should be able to play with my friend and his Switch, right?



Yes, If you use the non-java minecraft on windows 10, and make a bedrock edition server, then you should be able to play together really simply.

Heres a guide that should let you set up the server.



Thanks a lot for clarifying the situation for me!

P.S. I think at that point I’ll just find a really basic VPS and install the server there. If even the RPi server is really slow, I don’t want to know how slow is to run it in QEMU on the Pi.