Minecraft networking question please help

hey here the situation i run a minecraft server so me and my frend can play minecraft i am running minecraft server on my spare pc which is a intel i5 2500k gtx 560 and whit 8 gig of ram and i play on my amd rig so he is saying that he is having server lag like chat text right cliking cheast and stuff so i made a deal whit him that if i dosent fix the server lag im going to give him the server in wich he is going to run it on the same pc that he play and to add salt to the wound he is using a intel cor2quad and a 9800gt whit 2Gb of ram -_- so yah the thing is where using hamashi for the network im trying to port forward and it not working well but yah anyway is it my internet causing lag or his my internet is bell aliant fiber op and his i satalite internet what do you guy think?

Wow punctuation would help bro. But anyways...

Server Lag, is being caused by the network. Firstly you are using hamachi...why? That will add a good couple of 100ms lag.

You shall need to access your routers management interface and open up port (port forward) 25565 to both TCP and UDP traffic. You can change the port number to what ever you like, but you shall also have to change it within your server settings. (server.properties file)

If your friend is using satelite connection, there is no hope for him in getting rid of the lag. As satelite connections are a very poor in response times anyway.

I advise you get someone else you know to connect to the server and see if they also experience similar issues.

- zanginator