Minecraft failing to connect to my friend's server

Hi guys, 

After much research and time spent trying to get this to work, i scratch my head in confusion as for some bloody odd reason...i am the only one out of all my friends (about 11 of us) who can't join my friend's server which he is hosting. He is using Minecraft Server to set it up, and i'm using Minecraft v1.4.5 and i've turned off my firewall on both my modem and my computer...and i even port forwarded the port even though i'm not hosting...i've run out of ideas...Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks guys :)

Well my first question Is are you on a VALID version of minecraft Aka not cracked because if you are cracked and your friends are not and they are hosting a legit server than you will not be able to connect also the old force update sometimes helps



some things to consider: (list form)

1. is your minecraft copy valid (paid for legit) and are you "logging in" or just playing "offline"

2. since you are using 1.4.5; is the server using 1.4.5?

3. do you have any mods installed that conflict with the server?

4. do you Need any mods installed to connect to the server?

5. make sure you are not banned or white listed

6. Is the server LAN-party only, because then you have a problem if you're not there.

7. make sure of course (it'd be weird if it wasn't) that the host has port-forwarded, if not you should all be in a hamachi network

8. put your firewall back up for gods sake

This is just a list of unspecific things that could be going wrong and or are going wrong. Most of these are obvious, i just wanted to through them all (well all that i though tof on the fly) of them right now. disregard #7 i don't know what i'm getting into or talking about :P