Minecraft Build

Hey Guys,


I don't know if there is anyone here who has a good PC for running a minecraft server and client simultaneously but if there is or if any one could give me some hard ware suggestions that woud be awesome.

My goal is to run about a 10-15 person modded server while also playing with an HD texture pack.

I'm thinking about getting

  • AMD FX 8350
  • 16gb of 2400 DDR3 Ram

If you have suggestions for the SSD, GPU, Motherboard, or alternatives for the CPU or RAM that would be awesome.

This PC is in a very basic planning stage and will likely be built around summer so if you think I should wait to buy components let me know.


Shizzle T

Minecraft is a very odd game from what I can tell. Grab 8 gb of ram, usless you do editing you do not need 16. Grab 1600MHz of any trusted brand really. Corsair, G. Skill, mushkin, etc. The Ballistix Tracers look really cool.  Get a 7870 Ghz edition, or if you have the money a 7950 or 7970. Free crysis 3 and Bioshock is always awesome. Make sure to grab the GHz edition of whatever card you get. Asrocks 970 extreme3 mother board is completely amazing for the price, and if you are going to use one card get it. Grab a 990fx if you want to use crossfire. SSDs, get a hyperx 3k or the samsung 840 pro.

Minecraft is a RAM Whore, no joke, I'd say 16 sounds about right for a server and client at the same time.

As for the RAM Speed. 1600Mhz should be fine.

I have (2x8)16GB of G.SKILL Trident X 2400mHz, but instead, I have an i7 3770k, and I can both run a Minecraft server (with 4GB of dedicated memory) and a fullscreen Minecraft with all settings maxed out with GLSL shaders (Sonic Ethers). I would recommend 16GB - it isn't much more than 8GB.

Like I said, Minecraft is odd. It's texting on every part of a system, but the graphics are not that impressive. My guess is because it renders the entire world at once, and keeps it rendered.

It renders sections in chunks that it loads to memory. Depending on your view distance, it will render different amounts. As you progress to different areas, it saves the info of the previous chunks, but releases them from active memory and stops rendering them.

Minecraft requires 2 things primarily

  • Fast as shit CPU

Java doesn't like using multiple cores and will only operate on 1-2 (any other core use is due to the OS scheduler shifting the work load around)

You can trick into using alot of cores if you run it in a virtual machine.

MC servers love RAM and highly benefit from running out of a RAM drive as well.

Also be sure to apply the windows hotfixes if you are going to use the 8350 with windows. (better to use linux)

- zanginator

I'd go ASRock extreme 4, mainly for 10 euros more you get a bit more of features and can run SLI/Crossfire.

A goo graphics card is always nice for playing games but for minecraft you can get away with just about anything graphics card wise. An SSD is good for storing your games and OS, though if your going to store games and OS I recommed getting a bigger size SSD for that, or just a 64GB for just your OS. The hyperX 3k are a good brand also the M4's as well. Your RAM will be used in running the server and I recommend you spend a good portion ad fine one thats really has a high stock clock and a low latency at the same time, 2400Mhz will do great, just check its latency and make sure its low for a reasonable price. In regard to RAM make sure you get Motherboard that supports 2400Mhz RAM(which may get alittle pricey). Minecraft above all is very CPU intensive so the more cores the better and I believe that the AMD FX 8350 will do perfectly for what you want. For a PSU as long as your running 1 graphics card along with all that, you will need no more than 600W tops for it, make sure it's 80+ certified with a single +12V rail otherwise its not worth it and make sure its a good brand official brand like Seasonic or Corsair or Antec. Good luck!