Mincoin - become an early adopter!

I know this probably belongs in other currencies forum but I think this one gets more traffic.

Mincoin aims to be a bronze to bitcoin gold... where litecoin is silver to bitcoin gold. If you have an NVIDIA card or really just a setup that mines lower than 200 khash/s then this may be for you. The aim is to provide some place for us people to mine efficiently. The difficulty is currently so low that even at my measly 160 khash/s I'm getting 20 mincoin/day. Currently the value isn't worth much, but the hope is that as litecoin grows so will mincoin so that mincon ends up about where litecoin is now in value. If you want to mine with a pool I suggest you check out vircurpool.com/ it's where I mine.

Getting started:

go to vircurpool.com/ and navigate to the getting started page. download the beta GUI client for mincoin. Open it and let it sync up. Next you can use the same mining software that you use for litecoins just point it to a mincoin pool and voila, you're mining mincoin!


Note: I am not the creator of mincoin, I just want to spread it's popularity :)

predictions anyone?

I figure might as well pick up a hundred since it'll only take like a week and then if it gets up to $2 I'll have made $200 :P Might even mine more than that.

pretty cool. But im a bit skeptical especially with all these new coins popping up like ppc and trc that just aim to be pump and dump coins. Anyway we will see what happens.

is there even a trading place for mincoins yet?

Don't think so.

Holy shit people on that pool getting 10Mh/s....

Yeah huh, 200+ coins per day :P

I'm skeptical.

Too early to tell. Can't find anything on pre-mined coins so I'd have to say there were quite a few.

Not adopting.

Please help! I tried using Cudaminer and cgminer --scrypt -o http://vircurpool.com:8337 -u Brown.1 -p x --expiry 10

(user Brown.1    password  1)

but i launch the batfile and it quickly closes

on a new line in the .bat file put "PAUSE" this will stop it from closing and then read the error from there.

Still doesnt work


C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Coins\cudaminer-2013-04-14 - Copy>cgminer --scrypt -o htt
p://vircurpool.com:8337 -u Brown.1 -p x --expiry 10
'cgminer' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Coins\cudaminer-2013-04-14 - Copy>PAUSE
Press any key to continue . . .




cgminer --scrypt -o http://vircurpool.com:8337 -u Brown.1 -p x --expiry 10

This may help 

You need to save the .bat file into the same folder as you extracted cgminer into

I'm sorry I'm really very stupid, I was using CUDA Miner and this is CG Miner. -.- Sorry guys 

Im getting 10 KH/s on a GTX 560 but LTC (don't know if its related in speed) I'm getting 110 KH/s, should I be getting higher speeds?

Based on the website or the command prompt? The website should slowly go up over time.

The CMD is showing 10 KH/s

you should get the same as when you are mining litecoins... weird.