MikroTik - migrate CA from one device to another

Hi, everybody!
Are there any MikroTik users here?
I have a problem with self signed certificates. My Mikrotik runs a OpenVPN server with self signed certificates and I would like to migrate these certificates ant the CA cert. to a different device. But when I export/import them thay do not work and it seams there is no private key included in the imported certificates.
Any ideas?

Hi, I use a Mikrotik device with a letsencrypt cert for an https admin interface, but never used OpenVPN on routeros.

You should be able to see which ones of the certs you have installed have a private key and which ones don’t if you look under /certificates (it should be one of the read-only properties of the cert).

Does exporting one of those to PEM only export the public key?

If so, there might be a workaround to extract the key from the binary backup.

I managed to export the cert as PKCS12 that includes the private key, imported it to the new device ant CA and other certificates show up with the same parameters like on the old Mikrotik. But OVPN is still not working.