Migrating Operating System - EFI System Partition

Hey there, noob here, I used MiniTool Partition Wizard Free to migrate my OS to an m.2 ssd. Can anyone tell me why the EFI System Partition is more than double the size of what it was? I’ve shrunken it, and can’t extend my C: drive because there is a hidden 16MB Reserved Partition in between the now Unallocated and the C: drive partitions.

Never used that tool so I could not tell you. I think the recommendation for an EFI partition is is 100MiB minimum for logs dumps, efi-shell and scripts. It could be that the tool doubled it as a built in rule.

The only way to extend the partition then would be to copy the 16MiB reserved partition to the end and then delete the original.

Question is, why are you using that tool instead of the commonly used tools for MS Windows and or *nix. If that reserved partition did not exist on the original drive, then I would raise eyebrows. Anything that claims to be free should be suspicious unless it uses an F/LOSS license.