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Migrating Kodi


I currently have a libriary on a 2tb external disk linked to a local installation of Kodi, time has come that I need to migrate this libriary to a larger drive (5TB)
Anyone got expirience of this, goes without saying many hours have gone into getting the libriary just how I want so Im looking for the easiest “plug and go” method :slight_smile:

Also… for bonus points

Is there a way I can access the Kodi on my smart TV without having to use a sepereate installation on a PI or sometihng for there?
TV is in same room if it helps

It should be fairly easy :slight_smile:
After moving the data, you could simply change the drive letters with Disc Management.
So if your current 2 TB external drive letter is D:, and the new 5 TB is E:, after you moved the data, swap the drive letters and kodi will never know the data has been moved :slight_smile:

  • Shut down kodi.
  • Move the data to the new drive.
  • Press WIN+X to select and open disk management.
  • Right click on your old 2TB drive and select “Change drive letter and path”, and change it to something not in use.
  • Do the same with your new 5 TB drive, changing the drive letter to the one the 2TB drive previously used.

The data is now the exact same place it was before, just on the new and bigger drive :slight_smile:

As for watching it on your smart tv, if your tv has a plex plugin available, you could install the plex server client on your pc, and as long as it’s on, it would serve it up for the tv :slight_smile:

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Wow… what a conclusive solution to all my questions! :smiley:

Thank you so much that sounds great! I really appreciate your help @Donk

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Another option if the TV has DLNA support (which most TVs do these days) is just enabling the DLNA server in the Kodi settings. See:

But in this case you are dependant on the Format support of your TV since Kodi does not have transcoding capabilities at this time.

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

If plex isn’t to your liking, you could alternatively connect the tv directly to your pc with a long hdmi cable, since it’s in the same room.
If it has to be over 5 meters, an active cable is needed.

But if your tv has a Plex app available I’d give it a go first :slight_smile:

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True, a MEGA HDMI is an option :wink: