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Migrating from Ubuntu 18.04 to Proxmox

Hi all.

I have few question regarding migration from Ubuntu Server 18.04 based file server to a Proxmox virtualization.

The situation:

  • AMD A4-6300 series CPU
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • System drive - 150GB HDD
  • 2x1TB drives in LVM mirror configuration
  • 1 x1TB drive in LVM pool configuration
  • Dedicated Intel 1GB NIC


  • Ubuntu Server 18.04 with latest updates
  • LVM
  • Samba for file sharing
  • minidlna for media sharing

Use Cases:

  • File server - the primary mission of this server
  • Docker “server” for experiments of light load - the second priority

My questions:

  1. Is current HW config sufficient for my use cases in a single node of Proxmox ? Should I look for compatible quad core CPU ?
  2. Can I add my existing LVM drives (pair in the mirror config and one as LVM pool) into Proxmox without rebuilding it from scratch ? Wil Proxmox LVM recognize them properly ?

Thanks for your help in advance.