Migrating a 15TB NAS - On the cheap(ish)

Iv been running a freeNAS box for a few years now. Mainly a media server but also used for backup and archival.

Current total capacity is 15TB. Two arrays of 4 x 3TB drives in Z1.

I was going to order another set of 4x3TB drives and just add it to the pool but then the redundancy gets well a bit redundant.

12 drives with three sets of 4, each set able to have a drive fail and keep functioning. Witch means three total redundant drives. If I was to create a new pool of 12 I would gain some storage space over 3 sets of 4.

The crux of this is I don't have an extra 15TB of storage media kicking around. Nor the funds to build a second NAS to facilitate the move.

I'v been looking, with out success, for a company that rents storage solutions.

There is one. In the UK.
But shipping would be prohibitive.

The Amazon snowball looks neat but I dont think they would send one for a local transfer. They probably want to leverage their cloud services.

Still a neat device.

So now I'm down to scrounging around to find a local company or enough spare storage media from friends to do a fragmented backup over X# of drives to do my migration.

I could do a cloud backup and then restore. But being in Canada slow up speeds and data caps, my ISP would throw a fit.

Any one have other ideas?

Maybe you should consider magnetic tape. It's about $20 for 1.5/3TB. Once your done transferring files, you have a cheep backup already made.

True tape is an option. Ill look into the costs associated with the drives and tapes.

right now the 2t refurb hitachis are on sale for 40$. you could get 10~ of them, stress test then back up your data. afterwords you have a ton of barely used drives you can sell or use for whatever afterwords.

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Where did you see them so cheap?