MIDI suddenly stopped working

Hi, something really strange happened today. All of a sudden I lost the ability to play any kind of MIDI sound from my desktop PC (specs in the profile). I can’t play a MIDI file nor I can listen to them through other applications. For example in Guitar Pro the boot up sound works as usual but the notes in the program don’t have any sound. I really dont know what could’ve possibly gone wrong. Also it doesen’t matter if I play sound through the integrated audio card or through the Scarlett 2i4, everything MIDI is mute. This points towards an OS issue, but I’m not sure about what could’ve gone wrong. Looked at device manager and everythings good. Also researches on Google bring up problems with MIDI devices or other things unrelated to my issue. Thanks for the help!

P.S. I’m on Windows 10, forgot to mention it.

What is the OS? And have you performed any system updates recently?

Sorry, forgot to mention it. I’m on Windows 10 and it didn’t receive any updates recently.

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Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I don’t use MS Windows.

I would recommend checking if the wavetable is still working. MS Windows has a built in soft synth.

I checked it and wavetable GS is still present in the software devices.

Has your audio software hijacked it somewhere?

What do you mean exactly? How do I check that?

No idea unfortunately just wondering if something g had taken exclusive control of midi.

It is only a guess really.

Soo how would I go about checking if that happened or not? Do I need a software or there are settings I can check?

My only thought on finding it would be try all the things till you find the one that that still makes sound. But this is all a guess. Just what I would do and assume in the same situation.