Mid tower recommendation

hey all

looking for a mid tower case (standard atx) recommendation

I really love the super clean aesthetic of the corsair 750d but unfortunately its a full tower so thats a no go

Tempted to go with the 450d (even though the front isnt as clean looking) but looking to see what else is out there

It must be a mid tower, have a side panel, support a 280mm rad, the gpu will be pumping air into the case so id like it to have enough airflow to deal with that efficiently

I am NOT considering the nzxt h440 (because of what I've heard about temps) and the fractal define r4 (I have no space for the front io as it is vertically inserted)

so any recommendations on something that looks as clean as the 750d?


Fractal Arc Midi

The Arc Midi is one of the best,  But I have never heard of the 440 having heat problems.  Sounds like someone did not know what they were doing.

Fractal Define R4 = God Tier 

Phanteks Enthoo Pro. 100$ for 200mm intake and 140 exhaust,  all kinds of rads will fit in it.

Fractal Arc Midi R2 - great case, 7 fan slots, 280 in the front or top...

H440 have 3 x 120intakes so I don't know how there's any chance of thermal issues.

NZXT Phantom line - any of them have good airflow and I think only 240 can't fit your rad.

The choice is yours...