Mid to High range GPUs

Hey guys.

i am in the market for a gpu for my new computer build.

I don't care if it is the best performance per dollar i would just like to know the best performing cards on the market around the $300-$500 price range. Also I would like the card to be capable at runnig 5760x1080. if not in SLI or xfire. Games like BF3/Bf4 (when released) metro last light. 

Any feeback would be greatly appreciated. 

Also just to note. the radeon game bundle holds no interest to me as my internet speeds are very dodgey with downloading huge files. so all my games will be bought on disk

AMD: 7950 and 7970

Nvidia: 660ti, 670, 680, 770 

For that resolution go 680/770/7970. Choice is yours. 7970 would be cheapest and has the best performance when overclocked. 

7970 hands down for a single gpu in that price range, or if your psu will handle it and you could score a killer deal 2x 7950 or even 2x 7870's would be worth considering.

I would stay away from amd dual gpu solutions personally. Frametime issues and sliver frames. But I'm the guy who doesn't like dual gpu solutions for gaming in general so don't lsiten to me :p

Hi I was looking on craigslist and saw a gtx590 for sale, so i went to hwcompair to see how it stacked up. I put it up against the titan and the results were that the gtx 590 was faster. Is this an error? http://www.hwcompare.com/13978/geforce-gtx-590-vs-geforce-gtx-titan/

As long as its cheap its worth a look for sure. Beware though make sure you have a beast of a psu to power the monster of a card. Check out this review of a titan card, compares a lot of things with the gtx590.

I had one for a short while, was a killer card.


I'd buy one of these with 500 bucks:


7970s are already the fastest single GPUs under 700 bucks, especially at high resolutions, and that one you can overclock like a madman.

Everyone here has the right idea. If you wanna play at that high resolution, I would personally recommed a Titan. But this is very subjective. You may want to play at that resolution, but at what settings? What kind of fps do you expect? 

If you want to go 60+ fps, you will very likely have to turn some settings down, even with high end cards like the 7970, 680, or 780. 

If you do a Crossfire or SLI set up, you will have smoother gameplay at slightly higher settings. 

The 7970, and the 4gb models of the GTX 680, or 770 would also serve you well. 

(Speaking of which, I am selling an Asus GTX 680 DCUII 2gb model for $340, if you or anyone else is interested.)