Microsoft wants Xbox Live to power Windows, Android and iOS games

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This concerns me a little. Let me start off by saying this. I'm not too terribly crazy about how Microsoft handles things. I haven't been for a while. It seems to me that everything they do is driven by what would drive up their profit margins, rather then the interest of their customers.

I understand that Microsoft needs to make money, I get that. But I get this creeping feeling that they are going to attempt to overthrow the likes of Valve's Steam platform with stuff like this by throwing money at developers to build their games around Live services for PC instead of the Steam platform.

Iv'e always been extremely fond of Valve. Not only because they have amazing first party games, but because they are in this business for the consumer, not to line their pockets. The idea of Microsoft taking over PC gaming drives me nuts. So let me ask. Is it silly of me to worry about this? Am I over thinking this? Post opinions here.

We already have wonderful Games for windows live and that's basically XBL. MS has no chance of over throwing Steam and is probley to late to the mobile game.

we have nothing to worry about. if you think about microsoft has already tried to integrate "Xbox Live" to Windows already and that monstrosity is Windows 8. and they've learned it isn't going to work with the outrage that windows 8 has gotten already. now moving it to iOS and Android, HA! good luck. Microsoft has dug a HUGE fucking hole with the Xbox one sure they've changed their policies. but Console gamers aren't going to forget that microsoft tried to put them in the dirt once before. i think if they want to win the PC gaming community back i think what they have to do is stop being money hungry, Arrogant and just bring their xbox exclusives to PC and work with valve to improve PC Gaming and stop fixing things that isn't broken.

Right on the money,this. My 360 is just gathering dust. I can't even be bothered to play an occasional exclusive on it anymore. Not witht the way they run things.The XBone policies were all it took for me to stay away.

Now I am not absolutely crazy about the Steam OS idea. Too much control in one companies hands.

However, If the choice would be between SteamOS+Steam or Windows+XBL. Then it's a no brainier. Especially if you have to get XBL gold like on the Xbone in order to use the internet you have already paid for.