Microsoft Takes a Page From Razer's Playbook

Microsoft has entered the meme war.


So it comes stocked with all kinds of stuff?
Worth it.


That is actually pretty well done.
Their propaganda department is starting to learn how to use memes.

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Just wait til they discover waifus and husbandos.


Yaston Fridge icoming?

They got me for sure. I bought the Razer Sneki Snek too, and I’m still waiting for the Razer Toaster.

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Dont give them any more ideas…

We are just getting started.

Look at his little sandle is about to fall off!

Can’t wait for the different doujins canons that’d bring.

Thats… actually cool? I’m not religious but I dont see how this is potentially offensive. I mean the baby jesus sandal almost falling off is kawaii… Oh shit…