Microsoft Surface Event 2019

So Microsoft just had its event today unveiling the new Surface devices for 2019. Here is an article to brief you quickly

I never thought I would have so much mix feelings about Microsoft new devices. I was thinking about getting the new Surface laptop 3 as my next laptop but now I’m more confused than ever. But first the two surprises of the event.

The Surface Neo that is a dual display device to be use as a laptop. The concept seems interesting, but will wait for it to come out in 2020 has their will be surely more information and refinement, and about Windows 10X.

Then along the new Surface Pro 7 who is just an incremental upgrade with now usb-c for charging (finally), the Surface Pro X looked at first promising for me. With its reduced bezels, I was considering maybe I will go back to the Surface pro lineup, plus it is possible to easily swap the ssd, but then the bad news became to pile up. No headphone jack (which is even more deceiving as the standard Pro 7 got one) and it runs on arm processor, so bye bye compatibility.

And then the Surface Laptop 3 got me lukewarm. I don’t like so much the new colors (wanted to get the cobalt blue of the Surface Laptop 2), but there is now usb-c than can be used for charging (again finally). Hoorah for the presence of Ryzen processors on the new 15" variant, but alacantara is being faded, not being available on the 15" variant and not on all the model of the 13" variant (I know most people will be happy of that removal, but I kinda dig the alacantara look). And I find Microsoft missed an opportunity by not reducing the bezels.

But ya that is my small rant. Any thoughts?


There is also now Surface Earbuds that I find quite ugly. And they are of no interest to me has I abandoned the idea of good truly wireless earbuds.

And there is also the Surface Duo that is a phone and the small brother to the Surface Neo. It runs Android, but meh, I don’t have really an opinion on it except it looks already dated with bezels. Anyway I’m already a Pixel hardcore so it will be difficult to stray me away from the Google Android and good cameras.


Same event?

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Mine can just be the announcement and live stream chat and I’ll feed the after comments into here.


Oh ya oups sorry I looked prior for a prior post and didn’t see that one :sweat_smile:

I have been debating getting a surface pro for a while now, and now that there are USB-C variants in the future, I am torn… Do I buy a used one now or wait for the better features…and obviously the less it costs the better.

As for the dual screen phone, when I saw that, I was amazed and instantly wanted one… But looking back at it… I don’t know if it would do well in term of sales.

Like if you hold the device in portrait mode, unfolded, and you wanted one app on the left and say a messenger app on the right, how easy will it be to type? Like, I have small hands.

The way that they were describing it was, that you could be video conferencing with someone on one screen and looking something up on the right side ( or left side ) of the screen without getting out of that video conference that you were in. Users would be finger pecking like mad to enter the info they need, while still keeping the video conference open.

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I read some youtube comments (not the best source I know) but it appears that the new surface wont have thunderbolt built into the USB-C. Don’t know if that is something you want or not.

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Ya none of the usb-c on the Surfaces are thunderbolt, so ya.

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Overall I am pretty disappointed with Microsoft’s progress in the surface line. The foldable phone is cool, but it’s probably going to cost an arm and a leg.

I think it’s stupid it took 3-4 years to get USB C when all the phone, laptop, tablet, and hell motherboard manufacturers have USB C on their mid-high end products for the last 2 years. M$ should not be commended for catching up.

I knew it was going to be a refresh, but M$ is really dragging their feet with thunderbolt 3 adoption.

I was really hoping M$ would either get a 120/144 hz display or get their pen input to be as good as apple on the new ARM tablet.

The only redeaming quality of the event is Ryzen cpus on the laptops.

Yeah that’s disappointing. Microsoft almost was going to be my next go to for a laptop style system. Guess I will have to keep looking now.

Dave Lee is more excited than us on the Microsoft lineup

However, something this video points out and that I had to look in the long version of the event, but now I see some redeemable qualities in the new Surface Laptop 3. One of them being that the laptop is more easily serviceable than its predecessors (see video below), which is great. And the the no rubber bumper which mean the laptop is really well engineered. But still, would have preferred also slimmer bezels… and Ryzen in the 13".


So… no Core?

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Core as in Core OS?

Windows 10X, which is running on the Neo is a flavour of Core OS.

Also, here is the sad bit:

Windows 10X will be available on dual-screen and foldable devices in fall 2020, according to the blog post. It will only be available on new dual-screen devices, not as an upgrade to PCs already on the market.





But then they changed Core to W10X? Weird… wasn’t it supposed to be a new kernel?

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The phone runs Android. Only the Neo runs Windows 10X (and probably down the line every Windows laptops which are dual screen like the Lenovo Yoga one)


That’s right. My bad

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