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Microsoft Officially Buying Obsidian



Let’s hope they won’t stop the Linux support


Why would they?

PowerShell, Windows 10, Azure, SQL Server, VS Code… All major Microsoft products that have adopted Linux support.

It’s not 2005 anymore.


Because Xbox and win10 exclusives. Theirs cross play deal and streaming between console and PC would be extra work…

Yeah in reality there is no good reason, but this is a very strange version of reality.


I do genuinely hope they won’t drop the support, because of the recent track record i hope it will continue. but it uses resources and who knows if microsoft sees a point in it


Hardly Microsoft’s fault in that, I think. Regarding XBox, Nintendo and Sony do the same thing, so I’d hardly point at Microsoft as the problem.


I get the point but… Eh… Hmm. Okay I don’t know the situation with the Linux development but in the case of Microsoft buying the studios and then the Linux development stopping… It would really look like MSs call if it happened because there are no reasons otherwise to stop it.

I get everyone else also does it but they also don’t have a stake in running a separate OS business which is starting to face competition in the game space from Linux. So other then console sales their OS sales would potentially lose out to Linux sales, which is still money in the bank for the studio and their now owners but it could be lost profits on their consoles and OS where Linux is a “free” alternative. So I can totally see it happening.