Microsoft Office alternative

Anyone have any good Microsoft Office alternatives they'd like to share/recommend?

Open Office.

Free and is pretty much a copy. I use it.

libre office

Libre Office and Open Office are pretty good.

LibreOffice and OpenOffice are the two big choices in the open-source category right now. Originally, Libre forked from Open due to some issues with Oracle having taken over. Less of an issue now that Apache is taking the lead for OpenOffice.

I personally use LibreOffice, but they're both great choices.

For someone who mainly creates word documents and views powerpoint presentations, any preferences for one vs the other?  Seems like the compatibility with Word and PP are pretty good for the most part.  I suppose the price is right so I may as well try out both.

Thanks for the replies!

Open office and libre office are great. Sometimes I like them more than microsoft office

There are issues with some of the more advanced functionality, like macros, but for the 'average' user, either will do fine. Like I said, I personally use LibreOffice, so I'd say given what you want to do, you should give that a shot. And hey, if you don't like it, you can always try OpenOffice.