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Microsoft Looking to Switch Windows 10 to a complete Desktop as a Service model


Has not been very stable… which in the end is what I care about the most. Constant changing of setting…besides any ills with bad patching ect…

Now this opinion is from Home windows… and it has been awful the last few months and continues to degrade.

I could not speak for the server side of things.


So you have no source? If your going to make such a large claim on a controversial topic, then you have to provide your sources. You cant just say something then ignore it when someone brings it up.

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No tanking there.


This has nothing to do with market value… everything to do with user experience. Which is degrading rapidly.


you’re deliberatly ignoring the question.

you said windows 10 was tanking basic home users.

Show me. That’s all i’m asking.


Grab a Home version of windows and set it up. Watch your settings. See how it impacts your normal use.

I do not mean Vm’s .

You do have to take my word for it… nor attempting foster that my opinion is the only one.

While no expert… I have a great deal of time on windows and care a great deal about the user experience.


Oh OK. So you have zero evidence of your claim and were just posting to troll. Glad we cleared that up.

Next time, please consider what your saying to people. If your going to make a claim, consider if its true, show some evidence to back it up so people can see where you got your information from.

Not doing so is just going to make people distrust anything you say in the future, even if things you say in the future might be true.

edit: maybe you dont know what tanking means? (honest thought)


It is trollish… yes. Do not care about status :)~

I may point at stuff from time to time.

While I do not have to time to drop log files ect…

Neither did you really prove that windows is the most stable os on the planet and the all the changes they have made recently are a vast improvement.

I am more of a wait and see which way they take this … but I have concerns.


It’s not about status. #community:off-topic is for off topic stuff, the lounge is for the light hearted trolling etc. this isnt 4chan or reddit.

“Trolling” elsewhere isnt welcome if that’s all your going to do.

Its about a basic level of respect for the forum and people in it. :confused:

That’s not what we were talking about, you had made a claim about windows tanking users and i wanted to know where you got your info from.

Stability, future direction, etc. all good questions to talk about, but not the one i had asked you about.


I believe you took windows tanking users out of context. They have most certainly tanked the windows home users experience this past month… very badly. Patching ect…

They were provoking statements … but still not without merit.


Show me an average home user that even realises and can describe all the problems with Windows 10 that affect them.

There is a large group (probably majority) of people out there that don’t even know what version of windows they are using. It’s just the ‘PC/Computer’ to them.

An appliance used for work and entertainment.

And Microsoft is so ingrained that non-technical people do not even consider that there is an alternative to what they are using.

Apple barely crosses peoples minds if they know others that use it. Or have seen adverts or read about it.

Linux doesn’t even register with the majority, there are even technical people in IT support positions that don’t understand what linux is.

Linux users are a very small niche in the global perspective, the average person has little idea about servers and what kernel runs on their phone let alone what it is.

You should feel honoured and grateful to be in such a privileged position that you found your way onto Linux and know much of the technicalities, I’m sure you do. Else you wouldn’t be here.

But now let me be frank:
Don’t be such an annoying git about it, moaning how bad windows is without supporting facts and then referencing how you’ve moved to linux. Which somehow is implied to be superior in every way.

Thoughtless provocation and braggardly offhand commenting isn’t helping others, it’s downright abrasive and drives others away.

There are many others reading along with us here.

You might not notice it, but others seeing this may think less of you for it. You’re only hurting you own reputation and argument points more.

This forum is not for baseless dogmatic thought.
We’re a community for mutual learning and sharing of knowledge in an open environment.

When you make anecdotal or baseless statements without merit you should fully expect to be challenged on it and respond in an appropriate manner. That response can take many forms and ultimately determines the validity of the idea or statement that was proposed.

Doubling down and reiterating the original statement (sometimes ad Nauseam) is rather unsuccessful.

Lastly I’d like to leave with this:

There is no loss in admitting failure, for one gains knowledge of a new way that doesn’t pass muster.


Look at all these personal attacks from the admin that took something out of context and decided to personally attack me because they do not approve of my approach. I was just complaining about windows and point out that they do not have the basic right. I could ramble on about what may be possible from past experience.

So it is entirely possible this concept will end in a lake of fire. I disapprove of the concept completely. Maybe I am just old.

In this field from what little I can tell … there are far to many factors that may cause issue.

What holds for me may not hold for someone else… always test and gain as much info as possible.


This reads like professional astroturfing. Have you forgotten about all the bad press Win 10 was getting. for example…

I don’t know what happened but suddenly the entire forum became full of microsoft’s cult followers.


No one is following a cult, Microsoft isn’t a cult? :man_shrugging:

LOL at someone suing Microsoft because of Windows 10 upgrading on their system. Jesus.

That link doesn’t really push the opinion one way or the other. If that’s our premise than every ambulance chasing lawyer is doing a good deed.

You can be objective about something and not care while having preferences for something else.

For example, I like both Dark Souls 1 and Dark Souls 2. I like Windows 10, Windows 8, and FreeBSD. I can be critical of all of the above while enjoying everything they have to offer.


Your reply isn’t anything to do with what I said though. I never argued that Windows 10 has issues. The suggestion was that it was tanking users but where is the evidence of that? A person who sued them for for lost wages from a bad update and won by default.

What are you suggesting? That it wasn’t successful? If so, can you show me where all the users went to? Did they just stop using computers? As they didn’t go to OSX or Linux.

My statement still stands, you’d be deluded to think Linux is even on the radar. The woman you used didn’t even know what Windows 10 was, you think she knows what Linux is?


He used the word (tanking) incorrectly. What he was trying to say is that Home edition of Windows 10 is not a good user experience. As a native english speaker you should have noticed that instead of attacking him.

Evidently win 10 is very successful but I wouln’t say that Linux isn’t on the radar. I have never seen so much complaining about any OS on the internet as I have with Win 10. If things get bad enough even less technically literate people will look for alternatives.


Were you around for Vista?


Only for a short time. I had it installed on my laptop and i didn’t have any major problems with it. Pretty stable thb. Although it felt very heavy. The hardware at that time was struggling with it.


Became more stable towards its eventual end, but the point is there is a very large amount of blowback that is both warranted and unwarranted. If the article is correct then I’d say there is reason to be concerned, until then its hearsay.


Vista was a poor-quality OS at launch, flat-out. It was slow, and not only in perception-- at launch, tasks like encoding video were 20% slower than Windows XP. Games ran at lower framerates. It was a real thing.

Windows 10, on the other hand, is a very high-quality OS at its core, but MS forced the upgrade down everybody’s throat which started it off poorly, the forced updates were extremely intrusive at launch (and remain intrusive now, to a lesser extent), and the forced telemetry is really troubling to (rare) people that care about that stuff like me.


When I first installed Windows Vista none of my software worked.

None. You might think I’m exaggerating, lying, or messing with you. Nope. My 32 bit office suite, my games, my drivers, etc. all caused Vista to BSOD. This was very common.

Hate 10 because of tracking, telemetry, etc., understand that that is a fringe issue. I’m not saying it’s not an important issue, but it’s a fringe issue. At least all of my software, tools, etc. work on 10.

A whole hell of a lot of people don’t know what Linux is. Forbes et al. is helping with that, but most people don’t know. Especially the average white collar worker in the United States – They’re a don’t know/don’t care kind of people.

It’s going to be a long, slow churn if this even detracts from Microsoft (and even turns out to be true).