Microsoft is getting desperate: Get Windows 10 or get a new laptop?

The details are here.

TLDR: Bring your PC to a Microsoft store and they'll update it to Windows 10 the same day. IF they can't make it happen they give you(burden you with) a Dell Inspiron 15.

This is the weirest response to the Windows 10 install lawsuit I can imagine. Maybe this program is unrelated but it seems coincidental.

Diversionary good will gesture.

If I was more motivated this sounds like a challenge to me. Find old laptop, bring to store, fail upgrade, get new laptop, install Linux.
Brainstorming: What strange hardware does Windows 10 disagree with?

Pretty sure I still have a working Mac Powerbook 140 stashed somewhere.


someone bring them a old pentium 1 system and try to get them to put windows 10 on it.

Try again guys..


I've got a pentium 3 450MHz with 128MB ram somewhere. Running Windows 3.1 Oldest machine I still have. I'd be happy to try this.

From the fine print:

Free PC offer only valid for customers that have (1) one eligible PC that meets Window 10 upgrade requirements,

Damn, guess the P3 is out. :/

Still, I wonder if we can get some specialized equipment into the system that doesn't work with win10 or something and get them to give up.

EDIT: Damn @kat, beat me to it.

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So with the requirents having to be met, means they will almost never fail an upgrade so it is a way to get the public to bring their PC to them and have it up graded for them.

Guess forcing people was becoming a problem, let's challenge them instead.

Win 10: Whether You Like It Or Not

what is the minimum spec?

So I can't trade in my own 1GB ram notebook for a new laptop? Lame, funny how MS how no problem taking our money and crippling products but then when it's time to fix their shit they're nowhere to be found.
Not that I even use it or care about it that much anymore (it had a good life of heavy use and I built a real computer) but I'm sure I could click 'Later' on the Get Windows 10 Now! popup that WILL show itself on boot and end up with a completely useless brick of a machine that takes 10 years to load firefox.

If there's anything you should learn about life, it is that nothing is free.

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I have an Asus tablet that says it can install win 10, but fails out and apparently if you can get it to install the gfx driver for this particular atoms integrated graphics doesn't work. I will have to go have them attempt it...

  • 1GHz
  • 1GiB
  • 16GB
  • DX9, 800x600


Wow, that would run like crap.

Although, I'm not convinced that something with those specs will actually work.

Well, I'd be interested in trying that. You should totally cripple the wireless card by melting it with a soldering iron. Run Linux on it to prove it works. Then have them install windows on it and complain the wifi doesn't work. When they say it's broken blame Windows 10 like the typical luser would do. "GIVE ME A NEW LAPTOP, YOU BROKE MINE"

Might be a good idea of what to do with old hardware.
anyone wanna try it?