Microsoft Event Recap [Data Cap Warning]

I took the pictures from Ars Technica.

New band:

New phones:

Liquid Cooling phones... um is this true, if so how?:

There is a crazy dock for the phone:

Which you can connect to monitor keyboard and mouse and bam the phone is now a windows 10 system:

Not going to lie that's kind of neat.

Phones cost $549 for 950, $649 for 950XL. They will be available in November.

Surface Pro 4

It comes with the pen that has a one year battery life:

Fingerprint scanner on the new type cover:

It Has Skyrlake. It Cost: $899. Can Preorder now, will be available October 26.

Microsoft Surface Book

You can detach the screen:

Cost: Starts at $1499, preorder tomorrow, available October 26th

Overall, I was impressed with what Microsoft showed off.

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Loved watching it. That guy is awesome! With Continium Microsoft could be on to a winner here.

I'll be getting the 950XL and Band when they come out. I'll have to save for the Surface Book.

The Surface Book is very interesting; clearly aimed at the MacBook Pro market. If it's as good as it looks it'll probably claim a lot of would be MacBook Pro buyers; if I was in the market for a new laptop it'd be at the top of my list along with the 13in MacBook Pro. I hope @wendell can get one for review.

Looks like I'm getting a second job to get that Surface Book. I would stick with my Pro 2, but the 16:9 ratio sucks to take notes on.

I was very impressed by the hardware. Virtualboy, hololens thingie always looks better than I could imagine was possible. Reminds me of some vapourware doohickey being pushed on kickstarter. But it's not vapourware and it's real.

The band makes the first gen one look bulbus and ugly. Personally I couldn't give two figs about the health tracking fitness stuff. As a Pebble owner I know what I want from a wrist device, notifications and amazing battery life.

The phone looks real nice, I own several phones one of which is a Nokia 520 and that old budget phone has way better user experience than you might imagine given it's age. That all down to the smooth OS, Windows phone doesn't stink, who knew... These new phone are well out of my price range but they look real slick.

The continuum thing looks great, we first saw this from Canonical for the Ubuntu phone, MS beat them to the punch.

The Surface Pro is just more. More this, more that, more fast but thinner.

The Surface Book was the show stopper, he had us be the end of the presintaion then he did a SilitBang on us and said, but there is more... He pulled the blooming screen off and it turned into a tablet. Drop the mic moment right there.

Yeah, it's going to hurt my heart but, I thought about running Linux on a laptop, this event is now making me think about that decision. I might just remove my hard drive and fiddle with Linux on my desktop. for the time being. that surface is ALL WANT.


Loved the event , during the continuum presentation laughed my ass off... that accent and presenting style sort of reminded me of Berkel from LMG, but the feature is awesome and I will be gladly retire my android for the 950XL (much longer battery life and better memory managment ). @PendragonUK don't know if you saw but it is possible for now to side load androids app to windows phone , and with continuum that could replace android TV (in some cases). All in all very nice , waiting to see what will the devkit for the hololens look like and maybe soon make a tek syndicate game for it?

I know Ubuntu has been working on this too, but man am I excited about your phone as the "computer". I am not ready to make the jump though. I think it would be awesome if there would be a base that you could get that would give desktop class cpu maybe even gpu to the phone. Then it would essentially be your storage, you could still use it "on the fly" to plug into a monitor but when you get home you could drop it in the dock and have that extra power.

That Surface Book really caught my attention. I'd love to be able to get my hands on one.

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