Microsoft do listen to it's customers

About a month ago I sent a suggestion to MS to allow a dark theme to their Outlook application. And it seems in this latest update they have given us the option to have a light and dark theme...


I sent feedback to them thanking them for this. Dreams do come true...

Now we just need to figure out how to invert the email colors so it's white text with dark background.

MS listen to customers?
wow since wenn? haha


Not to take anything away from your post but since MS is listing to you could you ask them to do something about the telemetry stuff like remove it and give us a OS we can put a little faith in?


how about someone suggests they give the axe to all their telemetry BS

It do?

who says microsoft doesnt listen to their customers ... and watches them?
Big Brother is Watching

Tin foil hat syndrome 'springs to mind'. Oh, excuse the pun there.

Tin foil hat would be accusing them of something they're not doing. Maybe try reading some snippets of their anti-privacy policy which is public to everyone. While you're at it, flip those privacy switches and look at your network. Data analysed shows this is not desired or normal behaviour.

Telling someone that a fundamental right is "tinfoil" is very detrimental to the society you actively participate in. Maybe all companies and organisations should actively disclose all confidential information publicly the next day after doing business with them. Or perhaps governments and companies should just actively accept all their files and data were compromised by Chinese hackers.

Learn the difference between active real life and a conspiracy theory please. Just because you would sell your soul for something "free" doesn't mean other people wouldn't actively buy a product that has a reasonable privacy policy.

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Nobody's being secretive about it, they just tell you what it is, for those that understand. For those that don't quite understand, there is all kinds of marketing material available to keep them in the dark and gullible and naive so they keep spending and trusting. Examples of such materials: it's not a rootkit, not an NSA backdoor, the data we harvest is not identifiable, Oh look how evil those Chinese are, they've taken over Lenovo and now they're installing rootkits in the devices...

Whereas the reality for the informed persons is right there for anyone to see and to buy into:

This is the built-in rootkit that comes on all Intel devices (on Haswell and newer it's even built into the CPU and not just the chipset any more) and all the governing modem-devices on that list, and probably then some.

Take a look at the management team page of this "Canadian" company, take a look at the CTO (no he doesn't look like what his picture suggest, just like there are no rootkits in all of those devices through which uninstalled software can be magically reinstalled after the device was located magically over the internet...), understand, never accuse people of tin foil hattery again... lolz...

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Oh touched on a nerve there.

I'm in tune with what Microsoft, Apple, Google, and other major software companies are doing. Do I choose to bring up the recent 'Privacy' issues as soon as someone mentions the word Microsoft? No. I use their software, but i'm also aware of what's going on.

And to say that I would 'sell my soul', so to speak, and that referring to someone as 'Tinfoil' is detrimental to society, is pretty much nonsense. I also wans't aware that it was offensive.

There becomes a time where 'one' can become so obsessed with these conspiracy issues that they might become paranoid, and actually loose touch with society.

My point is that there are plenty threads discussing Microsoft's latest Privacy concerns, and although it affects some in a HUGE way more than others, I kinda didn't expect those 'concerns' to be brought up here.

if we post pls pls ms remove all spyware, trojans etc.

will they hear me?

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Yes calling someone out for alleged tin foil hattery is offensive, just so you know, especially when that person just wants to educate people about the false pretexts Microsoft use towards their customers. It's not only Microsoft, it's a lot of companies. The main thing is, that techies, people that do understand, even if they accept the risk for themselves and don't mind the threat of it to their children and families, which is their right, can still stay intellectually honest and purvey the message that these are causes for genuine concerns on a large scale, concerns that need not be, because every socalled benefit of the sacrifices to human rights that is invoked by these companies, can perfectly be had without the violation of these rights and without lying to customers and making people pay for programs that aim to harm their rights and their chances in life. I would say that if you call people that draw attention to those concerns "tin foil hatters", you're either not well informed or you're being irresponsible, to the point where the degree of lack of responsibility points towards a conflict of interest that should be disclosed prior to joining any discussion on the subject, because there is no other explanation that can't be reduced to either of these.

I'll be the last to say that people don't have the right to ride motorcycles even if the chance is huge that it will cause them damage, possibly cause damage to their families, etc... but I can't accept anyone that says that motorcycles aren't dangerous or that deny the facts as they are, and even less that people that draw attention to the dangers of riding a motorcycle are dismissed as tin foil hatters.

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They've heard before you were finished typing... but they probably won't listen... lolz

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And let us decide again if, how and when we want updates to be installed. That's actually the part that made me delete my laptop's SSD and install Win8.1 again.
Win10 looked snazzy and had some cool features but overall it looked even more "locked down" for the "non-power-users" than even Win8.1 does.

How many corporate asshats did you have to bribe? I send feedback and nothing happens :|

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This I agree with. But I must point out that I have never promoted Microsoft and it's software, and I've never suggested that anyone uses it, at all, in this thread.

Educating people is fine, but I feel it was un-necessary to state MS's privacy issues, I actually know about them as its all over the internet, and has been mentioned on The Tek, which I watch. Maybe to also assume 'one' is uneducated about a certain matter is wrong and could cause an issue.... I don't know.

As I said, I feel that anyone that now mentions MS will have these issues shoved in their faces. It's not necessary, unless queried.

And I also apologise for using the term "Tin Foil Hat" out of context.

Can I ask a mod to lock this thread? I feel this has spiralled from topic now and probably won't get related responses.

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