Microsoft AirPlay Like fuctionality with Xbox One?

Ok before you start judging me and lecturing me about the Xbox One being bad and anti-consumer, it's not my dicision my Dad likes the Kinect functionality like telling it to change the channel and Skyping people with your TV so to let you know I'm not the one buying it.

Anyway I was thinking the other day that Apple TV has this feature called AirPlay which if you don't know allows Apple devices to stream through your Wi-Fi and play on a Tv with Apple TV plugged into it; now I think thats a really cool feature and something I would like for my Windows laptop's/desktop's to be able to do. So my question is, does the new Xbox One and Apple TV equiverlant in a way have this AirPLay like functionality for Windows users? If not do you think someone could make a "app" to do that on the new Xbox One? Has Apple patented it like everything else that they claim to be theirs?

Thanks in advance.

Apple and it's 'patents' are just as humorous as MSFT's, but anyway. Anything running Win 7 or later can access media content via a pseudo server (there's a name, but I'm bad with names) that's built into the Home system. Basically, if you have music, video, etc on your PC and it's turned on and allowing access, then I can see that on my compatible console, laptop, etc on the same network. IE: I can see the Media Server that's on my PC being broadcasted while browsing on my PS3. If I connect to that, then I can play that music over the wifi without being physically connected. Since MSFT is going Apple (closed/connected platform), then expect to see the same sort of thing. Their Surface software is likely how they'll do it, if they're not already doing it. Samsung has it's own, similar setup called AllShare.

Yes this is possibly i used to stream content directly to my xbox 360 before i changed my ways. I now have a xbmc htpc and have no problem streaming to that Im sure the xbox one will support it. I was vuze which has a built in feature to share and convert to devices on my home network whilst this only works for torrented content im sure there would be other ways/programs to do this with other content.