Microsoft advertising ID

You know how in Windows 10 Microsoft has attached an advertising ID to every user and every Windows serial key? Also know how you can go to the Microsoft web page to "opt out" of personalized ads?

Guess what?

They updated a few things and now in order to turn off personalized ads........ you have to allow them to install 3rd party extensions into the browser you are using AND you also have to NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER delete your history or they will just turn right back on again.

Thanks Microsoft

and go fuck yourself


Care for a Mint?


Looks like MS is pulling an Ubisoft.


As soon as I can afford to build a new system its going to be straight Linux with a Windows VM - sadly my poor old 3570k doesnt support vt-d

There is no need for this tommy-rot from Microsoft; the powers-that-be seem intent to really drive people away from MS.

It really seems that way, but I have a feeling it's more that they know what we need (even if we don't) and are hell bent on giving it to us, but just like Win 8 when they thought we all would buy touch screens they are wrong, at least this time they figured out a way to harvest data and sell it which may prove to be more profitable in the short term than selling us a OS without the data collection.

We'll see what happens at the end of July when the free Win X ends, if they extend it then we will know it is generating a profit for them from the data collection....basically they have had a year to prefect this scheme and turn a profit for the stock holders if they end it in July (as scheduled) then they are either doubling down on the profit side or it has been a failure, but if they extend the free OS we'll know they are reaping enough profit from the data collection to satisfy the CFO, board of directors, and stock holders while screwing over their user base.


I think stuff like this will either drive people to Apple's ecosystem or Google.

All the productivity stuff is there, it's just the power isn't.

It's things like this that reassure my Mac purchase a year and a half ago and my forray into Linux since... I literally only use Windows to game or to use required software for my college courses, and I can do both of those from a VM most of the time.

More and more I only use windows for games and movie editing. (still need to learn new workflow in blender)

I know that there's huge appeal to get people on mint for those who use windows, but given the recent security breach I really think we should be pushing people away from mint as much as possible...

I did give you a like for the pun though, so well played regardless.

But yeah, what do you guys think? I used to be a mint fan, but after being told that their packaging practices are subpar, getting used to Xubuntu instead, and given their incompetence over the recent breach I really feel leery about recommending people mint.

Agree totally, I just like to encourage the SwampCastle™ approach to computing, ie: nothing lasts forever, get comfortable with change & rebuild;

Get used to this cycle: Burn't doon, fell o'er, then sank int' swamp, so we built 'nother woon, aaaand that woon stay'd OOP!

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But Microsoft has huge tracts of land!!!!

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And we know what happened there, don't we lad: