Microsoft Account.... do I really need one

Ok so when setting up my windows 8.1 or the first time I managed to avoid getting a microsoft and naturally I thought "yes iI win take that Microsoft". Some time then passed in which I have had trouble free computing but then with the upcoming release of windows 10 I thought "more apps focused... well i better use some apps" so I browsed through the uninspiring catalogue before installing few apps. The amazon app requires a microsoft account although it has a "not recommended" skip this step that option seems to end the installer.

To make a long story short: with windows 10, cortana, and apps that require a microsoft account should I just cave and get one.?

Getting a Microsoft account is like getting a Tek Syndicate or Google account; if you sign up then you have an account. You don't need a Microsoft email address, in case it worried(?) you.

To buy stuff on the Windows store yes. other than that no.

Do you need one, no. Would I recommend one? In the long run, yes (but of course it always depends on what you're doing). Is it hard to set up, no its not. Takes like 2 minutes.

No you not realy need an Microsoft account persee.
And honnestly i wouldnt botter with it either.
Unless you plan on buying stuf from the Windows app store.

I'll bet you'll need a account to get that free upgrade to Win 10 if you chose to upgrade when the new OS is available.