Microphones - Rode Podcaster? or NTA-1

I have around £100 - £130 or around $150 and have been looking to get a new microphone, however I'm stuck on which to buy, I've narrowed it down to these two mics

The Rode Podcaster costs on ebay around £150. The good thing with this is that it's USB so there is no need to get an audio interface where as the NTA-1 is around the same price (maybe £150 including an audio interface), it comes with a pop filter and shock mount but I have to get a cheap audio interface.

Now I'm not entirely sure which has the best audio quality, maybe the NTA-1 due to it's need for an audio interface (phantom power supply). I want to know your ideas on this and which you would go for. My need for this is vocals for commentating.

Need to know in the next 2 days! so any help is appreciated, Thanks!

If you are not looking for amazing studio quality, get the PSA1. External interfaces are only for when you want to go way beyond your normal 44.1kbs CD quality and have multiple mics on the go at any one time.

Unless you specifical want to do music with it as well, just stick with a USB option. It will definitely do the job.

I want really good audio quality, now I found out the Podcaster is actually around £150,  The NTA-1 will be the same price with an audio interface, it actually has extras such as the pop filter and a shock mount. So in that case would you reccomend the NTA-1 for audio quality or the Podcaster for convenience.

Well in fact it may be more convenient to fet the NTA-1 as it comes with a shock mount, I know the mount isn't meant to be just put straight onto a table but it means I need would need to get a arm clamp or whatever they're called. The Podcaster comes with neither.

Out of those 2 mics, you will be getting an excellent mic. Anything made by Rode is great!

I personally would go with the USB convenience option. To get an interface that is worth getting at all, will cost you double the original budget.


You could have a look at something like this, though: (This is the cheapest I could find it)



AKG are really solid and can recommend their mics from personal experience. 


That is just what I would do, though.

Okay sounds good but I'll be able to get the NTA-1 for £80 to £100 and then an audio interface for £40, baring in mind it comes with the pop filter and shock mount. (normal price for  NTA-1 is normally £150)

The podcaster is £140 - 150 on it's own without any add ons and I have no way of mounting it, I think it would be great if it came with a mount etc.

I know it sounds like I'm repeating myself I just want to get the right thing. Meh. Sorry for my pickyness, if that's even a word.

I know this probably sounds stupid, but in between recordings I assume I'll be able to use both mics on skype etc..

The microphone you've reccomened may be a good microphone and will reduce my pricetag happily. What difference will I see with the P120 and the podcaster except the £70. Also if I get either mics, what cheap solution is there for a pop filter and a mount. (one of the main reasons I'm steered towards the NTA-1 and the added audio quality)