I am curious, what microphone do you use and what would you recommend for audio recording specifically for vocals and preferably with a USB connection. 

Thank you for your time.

Hi XeeerrRRRrr,

I hope you don't mind if i try to answer that for you

To the mic

The Mic that you see Logan using in the Tek Videos is a Roland R-26 Portable Microphone i think. That is a professional mic, quite popular among Techs, Reporters and the like. Its also quite expensive, about 450€ (600$) over here. Prices may be different in the US but i doubt they are much cheaper, Roland is a German Company after all (best known for their Keyboards). Oh and it has USB, like most of those devices.

I'm not sure if the Microphones built into this thing aren't just very high quality versions of electred Mics like in your standard PC-Mic,Mobile,Camera (Roland´s HP doesn't tell?) but in that price Range i'd say they are Dynamics. Dynamics deliver a much more natural sound but they need to be amplified to be of any use for a PC...or the Analog/Digital converter that's needed in those devices if u want to transfer sound via USB or any other digital interface.

Also are they Stereo Mics, which isn't important if you record something alone, but if you plan on recording with someone else a Stereo Mic will make the recording sound more ...areal? like you can to a degree hear where the other person is in the room and where you are, instead to a mono mic. With that it would sound like two voices from one audio source pretty much.

As to a Mic Recommendation:

If you don't really need something portable and compact as those Devices and don't want to pay 600 Bucks then i would say just get a decent Dynamic Mic like the Shure SM58 (100$,  most sold/used mic worldwide) and buy the mic-amp separately.

Most Amps are analog though, but there are some with USB which aren't necessarily more expensive. I'd say get a Behringer (their stuff isn't as crappy anymore as it used to be) 302USB minimixer or something like that. They cost around 50$ and offer some more utility as a standalone mic-amp for the same price as u can plug-in up to 4 additional analog stereo signals.

That's Cheaper, although 150$ is still alot for a microphone, but you were curious :P Mind that that's already a quite professional setup. If you're only starting to do recording than, imo, you should do fine with a decent electred like the ZM-1 (10$)...

PS: If u end up using a standard analog input you might want to get a soundcard depending on your onboard-sound. Oh and the Windshield Logan has on his mic, that fluffy thing, that's good to dampen fan noise as well as pitching/munching sounds from your voice if that's a problem.

Best Regards, Vigil


Thank you, that was very helpful and informative. 

I have purchased a shure sm58 and a behringer mixer. 

I appreciate you taking the time to type all of that.


Glad to help

I use this myself but with an analog amp, those with USB were very expensive when i got it ;)

Pls let us know how this worked out for you, if this setup fits your needs and problems you might have encountered. I'd love to know and maybe your experience will help some others?

Best Regards, Vigil